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Marc Bourlon

@Torie Mantzouranis, thanks for the very lively training, was very informative. Following-up on my question regarding a Flow action to get the pdf export of the Quip document into a ContentVersion (File) in Salesforce. It does not exist, but would love to hear the Quip/Salesforce team on this. Though it would not replace a full-fledge document automation solution, it would be quite fabulous. Basically, what the "Document > Export > PDF" does. More

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Torie Mantzouranis

🎓New learning path for Quip for Customer 360 Admins.🎓 This learning path is designed to guide Quip and Salesforce Admin through the successful implementation and deployment of Quip for Customer 360. More

15 days ago · 0 comments · 2 likes

Venishka Scott

📣NEW expert tip article: 📣 Plan Your Next Marketing Campaign on the Fly with Quip Templates On your quest for productivity tools to help you work smarter during these unprecedented times, Quip templates are ready-made solutions that enable teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently. Stay in touch with your customers during COVID-19 with collaborative marketing campaigns templates. Looking for more resources on to help your team #WorkSmarter using Salesforce products? Check out the CSG COVID Resource Site! 👉 More

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Prashanth Vardhan Polavarapu

Hi, I have been trying to connect quip with salesforce through Client Id and Client secret. I have followed all the steps from entering the id and secret to assigning permission set, authenticating external object etc.. But still I'm unable to achieve the connection. The license of Quip is Quip Customer 360 and Salesforce is Enterprise edition. The user I'm using have got Quip access. I'm even unable to create a document or spreadsheet neither I'm able to access the notifications component (Screenshot in comments). I will be attaching more screenshots of errors in cent section. More

18 days ago · 5 comments · 0 likes

Darshana Devghare

Hi, I want to add Quip Document to my app page but it says additional setup required. I have created a quip account and want to connect quip but I am not sure about what is Quip site subdomain and how to create? do I need to buy any license or something for this? Thanks, Darshana More

25 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

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