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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to helping you get started with MFA, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication, and formerly known as Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, learn best practices, and share experiences as you continue your journey.

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Chris Soricelli

Another question. We use Zapier and JotForm to trigger custom objects for things like forms, quizzes etc. I see that it will be required to use an API only user for these tasks moving forward, so I started doing some testing and noticed that to set up the integration in Zapier, it doesn't work with the API only account because you don't have access to the UI, so the profile needs to be changed to set up the integration, then changed back after it is verified. The question is, when MFA becomes a requirement, could switching the profile make existing integrations fail during that time? For instance, we also use Layer2 Cloud Connector to send information back and forth from Salesforce to other systems. Will these jobs fail if they run while the profile is switched? If that is the case, it would be nice to have a limited UI option to support this type of situation. Zapier told me that they would let me know if there were plans to better support API only accounts, but it would be easier to not have to rely on the vendors for this. More

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Ari Hautala

I've been testing Salesforce Authenticator for two years now, and the performance is still atrocious with constant timeouts. And no, it is not an issue with the phone or operating system (tested with several android versions and IOS) or with the internet connection. With a fleet of several hundred field service technicians who barely even use email, rolling this out is an absolute nightmare. So we'll have to implement SSO for them just because of this. And what about shared accounts for external partners or integration/optimization users? More

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Chris Soricelli

I'm starting to work on a rollout plan and did some testing with my account. This is going to be confusing for users regardless of how much notice and training we provide. I think that the biggest issue is going to be until you have a trusted location set, it seems that the app doesn't automatically open, and it doesn't seem realistic that people would remember to always have it open. The next is the name of the app, at least on Android. I access some apps using the app drawer instead of icons. The first few times, I couldn't find the app in my list because it shows up as "Authenticator", not "Salesforce Authenticator" (See attached). The icon is the same way. That really should follow the same naming convention of the app, because when you open it the screen says "Salesforce Authenticator". What would be nice is for the authenticator function to be built into the Salesforce mobile app. That would make it more natural for the user to know where to look for it. More

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Lee Anthony

We already have SSO with Azure Idm and MFA implemented for Salesforce users and have no plans to use Salesforce MFA. Will the mandatory go live of Salesforce MFA on the 22/02/2021 impact our existing implementation? More

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Sachin Shaw

What are the new features added in MFA as part of Spring 21 release. Can you please list down new features More

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