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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to helping you get started with MFA, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication, and formerly known as Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, learn best practices, and share experiences as you continue your journey.

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Alexandre ANTOINE

@B2C Commerce Unified Auth. & MFA @AccountManager Hello community, I've got some question about MFA and account manager : - how do you test your configuration before ? (I don't have any test environment for account manager) - do you have specific documentation about roles in account manager ? - do you have any log for failed login ? Best regards More

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Bhavin Patel

✨ Introducing ✨ an all new 3-part Multi-Factor Authentication Trailhead Live series In the age of digital transformation, security is a growing concern for most companies. Join this webinar series to learn why it’s more important than ever to implement strong security measures to protect your business and data. You’ll learn why MFA is one of the easiest, most effective ways to safeguard account access -- and add another layer of protection against common threats like phishing attacks and account takeovers. We strongly encourage our customers to start preparing for, and implement, MFA. Now is the time for MFA! Join this webinar series to get started. Session #1 October 21, 10:30 AM PT: Get Ready for Multi-Factor Authentication 👉 Learn what MFA is and why we strongly recommend turning it on for enhanced login security. You also get guidance on evaluating your MFA requirements, plus best practices for planning your rollout, change management, and support strategies. Session #2 October 28, 10:30AM PT: Roll Out Multi-Factor Authentication to Your Users 👉 Get advice on recommended change management activities to prepare your users, and learn how to enable MFA. We also share best practices for supporting your users when you go live. Session #3 November 4, 10:30AM PT: Manage Your Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation 👉 Learn how to drive MFA adoption and support users after your rollout. We also provide recommendations for optimizing your MFA implementation, as well as the overall security of your Salesforce org. This series we will go in-depth about what Multi-Factor Authentication is, why it’s needed, and how to roll it out. This series is a must attended for customers looking to enhance their security protocols to better protect their company’s data. RSVP Today 👉 cc: @Keith Samuel More

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Eric de Taevernier Bailey

Hello all, we have set up MFA for all users : Security keys or mobile App Authenticator. Google Authenticator provides a Chrome extension on laptop. For security reason (PCI), this is not allowed. I would like to forbid the method Google Authenticator. is it possible to do that but to keep Salesforce Authenticator method ? I wonder to if it is possible to forbid the user to remove/revoke their current method Setting/Advanced User Details ? Thx Eric More

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Mayumi Hayasaka

Hello. Are there any ways to install Salesforce Authentication app on desktop? Or, any alternatives? We do not want our users to use their private mobile phones for MFA. Thank you. More

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Kristen Aldrich

I'm reviewing the Multi Factor Authentication Assistant in Setup in our Partial Sandbox and all the Learn How links under section 2 "Evaluate MFA Options and Requirements" are broken links. Can someone point me to those resources? Thank you! More

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