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Kevin Vranes

Version 1.11 of Sustainability Cloud is now officially released! The updated package is now live on the AppExchange listing page ( and the Release Notes have been posted (see the link on the left sidebar under Information). Since this is such a big release, I recorded a video walkthrough of all the changes, targeted towards customers who will be upgrading the app. It turned out to be an hour of content! Video is linked in the Group Files in the right sidebar of this group ("SC version 1-11 upgrade.mp4") The Help & Training pages have been updated in our internal system but will not be live publicly for another week, so I posted a pdf in Group Files called "Sustainability_Full_H&T_Sept2020.pdf". Full translation of the Help & Training pages in the standard 17 languages that Salesforce supports takes approximately 2 months to post. We're still working on: 1- Finalizing the Calculation Documentation pdf 2- Bringing the demo dataset up to date with this release All of those items will get new posts when they're ready. To very briefly recap what this mega-release was all about: - New electricity emissions dataset from electricityMap (much more granular than IEA) - Extensive business travel record type (Air Travel, Ground Travel, Hotel Stays and Rental Cars) and Fleet Vehicle changes to fully internationalize units and currency, and to improve workflow - Lock Record functionality on Carbon Footprint records (prevent future updates from changing flagged records) - New button+backend apex to fully recalculate Carbon Footprint records - Supplemental emissions fields on CF and EUR to add your own emissions into results - Automatically match correct electricity emissions record to a new EUR record by Postal Code - New fields account for renewable energy with and without hydroelectricity - Dozens of calculation fields moved from formula fields to apex to improve app speed, efficiency and stability - Stability and performance enhancements in apex triggers - Einstein Analytics dashboard updates to match the core changes I'm happy to field any questions! More

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Kevin Vranes

Hi everybody! Sustainability Cloud release 1.11 update.... As usual, I underestimated the time we would need for package testing and hardening, so my release prediction was off by a week or so. We are doing one last quick round of testing on the 1.11 release but the Release Notes are ready so I am going to post them now. This is a substantial release with a complex array of changes (it would be worthy of calling it a major release but we're going to reserve that for a future date). The new package will probably be ready later tonight but given that we are moving into a three-day weekend, I will more likely release it on Tuesday morning (#SafeHarbor -- you never know, we might find another last second bug). With this release we are also making substantial updates to the Help & Training documentation. Given the timing and lag on submitting those changes to our internal docs system and when they appear live on, those will post on Wednesday September 16 (and translation localization of those docs lags by another 6-8 weeks). Updating the Calculation Documentation is in progress. We are working on updating the demo dataset to match the new release changes. Happy reading! More

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Kevin Vranes

Hi everybody! It's been more than our normal month between releases so I wanted to give an update and preview the next release. While we were on an aggressive monthly release cadence since the product went GA in December, we are now starting to see reasons to slow down the cadence a bit. In this particular upcoming release we are making substantial and complex app updates that did not make sense to break up into separate releases, so I decided to delay the monthly cadence to allow the work to mature more. I currently anticipate that this release will ship on August 26. Once this release ships we will most likely shift into a cadence typified by releasing new modules** when they are ready, instead of packaging lots of smaller core-app changes. So what are we doing in this release? Well, honestly, a huge amount. Here's a preview: - New global electricity emissions factors from electricityMap ( which I am very, very excited for. This is IEA data +++ and it's far more granular than IEA data for a variety of countries (for instance, it splits Japan into 9 grid subregions). - Building a way for any user to add in 'supplemental' Scope 1, 2 and 3 data into any Energy Use Record or Carbon Footprint record. Now you will be able to add a custom calculation, use a process or flow to insert the results into one of the new supplemental fields, and have the value roll up into the total results. - A total restructuring of the four business travel scope 3 record types. This affects both the Energy Use Record and the Emissions Factor objects. We are building in new flexibility on units, currency and calculations. For example, on Air Travel records, now you'll be able to define your own definition of short, medium and long-haul flights, you'll enter data in miles or km, and the EA dashboards will show results in either unit. Similar changes are being made for Ground Travel, Hotel Stays and Rental Cars. - A re-build of the way renewable energy was being handled. All RE calcs now include hydroelectricity, and we've added a large set of new fields to show RE without hydro. You will choose which fields to show on your page layouts to adhere to how your organization accounts for RE. (For example, Salesforce does not factor hydro into our RE calcs, but most companies do.) - New record-locking functionality to protect records from edits or future package updates. For instance, you've finished the 2018 inventory? Lock those Carbon Footprint records and they will not be touched by any future package upgrade, even if we change fields or add new emissions factor data. - Moving 20+ fields from formula fields to apex-calculated fields. This makes the app much more efficient and predictable. Yes, I understand, declarative admins much prefer formula fields. The problem is that when you have a mix of formula and apex fields, you can have unpredictable results in the view state in Lighting Experience when a user views a record (because the formula field will update but the overall record will not). - A long list of small updates to the Einstein Analytics dashboards to keep up with the changes above, and other changes we're making. That's not all, but probably enough for a preview. :) **New modules??? Oh yes! We are currently working on a Data Gap Filling module that will be a huge addition to the product (shipping Sept. I hope -- #SafeHarbor), as well as a way to estimate your supply chain scope 3 emissions (shipping Oct. I hope -- #SafeHarbor), which will be even huger! More to come..... More

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