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Julie Curry

I am searching for the API names for some of the objects listed in our Storage Usage page. After looking for many variations of the object Plural Label in the custom objects page I am unable to find the objects I'm looking for. We have hundreds of objects so I haven't yet looked at the details for each. Is it possible that the object that appears on the Storage Usage page is not in our Custom Objects Page? I know for sure these are not standard objects....maybe that is a silly question. If there is no doubt that they exist, then is there an easier way to find them than to click into every single object record we have listed? Thanks in advance for your help! More

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majety lakshmi

Hello All , I am running out for an answer and banging my head for a solution. could anyone of you please help me ? We have a multi step approval Process and a Process builder(PB) containing 3 actions for 1 process for the contract object . Approval Process triggers when ever the submit for approval button is clicked: ============================================================ The condition is that ,the approval process triggers step by step (total 8 steps )when the criteria is met accordingly,it works fine separately based on the field Revised contract total value and the manager approvals. PB Triggers -used for automatic submission: ================================= 1-criteria :whenever the Revised contract total value>5,00,000, the PB triggers automatically (DOS Approval)[comments - Record Automatically submitted due to change in total value] ,skipping the Low level managers 2-criteria:if the above criteria is false i.e if Revised contract total value>20,00,000 PB triggers automatically (RVP Approval).[comments-Automatically submitted due to change in value] ,skipping the Low level managers Issue : If Revised contract total value>20,00,000 the PB triggers automatically,when it met criteria 2),it will meet the criteria ,it will show the comments as "Automatically submitted due to change in value" ,but IT IS NOT SKIPPING THE LOW LEVEL MANAGERS ,which it has to skip Adding screenshots for understanding What Client Want: ========== when the Automatic submission happens through PB,it should skip the low level manager approvals ,which is not happening sometimes. My Debugging: ============= I tried to set the debug logs and check but nothing showed up to me .I Need a helping hand on this badly . Appreciate quick help on this Thanks in advance More

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Deanna Brown

how do i write the code for conga composer excel template to solve this? I just need the account number once not three times. More

2 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Sujay Hajra

When I try to create a new user in the sandbox instance with the following email format, the new user does not get the email on his new account. Can anyone provide some guidance? Regards Sujay More

2 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Jonathan Morris

Lead Name field but no First Name or Last Name? I just realized this morning that there are no First Name or Last Name fields in the Lead Fields & Relationships or Page Layout pages in the Object Manager. Only a Name field appears. When I click to create a new Lead, though, both First Name and Last Name fields appear. I also know that the API names FirstName and LastName do exist for the Lead object. Am I missing something obvious here?? Why aren't there individual First Name and Last Name fields in the Fields & Relationships page? I'm assuming the fields are combined in the Name field, but why?? More

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