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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Essentials, a solution designed for growing businesses: it's out-of-the-box and simple to set up so you can get started fast and grow even faster. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Gabby Ramirez

Hi Guys, I hope somebody can help me! Some users in my org are trying to Connect their MS Exchange Account to Salesforce, unfortunately, we are unable to do it. I did the following steps Click on the Avatar, then Settings, looked for the Email dropped down menu on the left side but they don't have the options of Connected Accounts or Einstein Activity Capture. See image attached. What am I missing? More

18 hours ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Rani Griggs

I need to add a phone number to my calendar events. It's for my guys on the road. It "says" it there when I do a page layout set up, but it's not. More

19 hours ago · 3 comments · 0 likes

Waine MacAllister

How to change username. More

20 hours ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Maria Hartrich

Hi Trailblazer Community, Quick question - answer should be simple but tearing my hair out. In the Account list views, there is no option listed to view "All Accounts". Furthermore, I do not see the option to create a new list view, so I can see All Accounts. Please help! Thank you! More

1 day ago · 3 comments · 0 likes

Jacob Okwir

I have found that Salesforce is easier than I had earlier imagined. Thank you very much to those who have devoted time to it so that we can learn. More

1 day ago · 1 comments · 2 likes

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