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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Essentials, a solution designed for growing businesses: it's out-of-the-box and simple to set up so you can get started fast and grow even faster. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Shana Wilson

⚡⚡⚡ Essentials More to Explore Monday ⚡⚡⚡ Join our Essentials Experts this week for LIVE Hands-On learning! Interested in getting Hands-On help to setup your Essentials Organization? Register for one of our Salesforce Essentials Hands-On Workshops (HOW) sessions this week! On the schedule this week: 1) This week TUESDAY is all about Getting Started with Sales features and setting up your Organization. 2) We can't wait to join you WEDNESDAY for Data Import with Import Wizard AND our OCTOBER EXCLUSIVE Automating Workflows with Process Builder. 3) THURSDAY is our live Office Hours Q&A for you to connect with our experts AND our Getting Started with Service features sessions. SIGN UP FOR THESE SESSIONS WITH THE LINK BELOW! 🔺🔺🔺 NEW SETUP TUTORIAL VIDEOS 🔺🔺🔺 WE HAVE TWO NEW VIDEOS AVAILABLE THIS WEEK! 1) Our Getting Started with Tasks Workshop is now available on demand < Check it out today! 2) Setting up Product Integrations < Learn about connecting your third-party systems with Essentials. Check out the newest Setup Tutorial videos on our Essentials Training Website! You can quickly learn about new features and set them up by following along. New topics are posted each month, so be sure to bookmark the link and check back soon 😎 👉 If you have any topics that you'd like to see in an upcoming video, leave us a comment below. More

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Shana Wilson

🎉 🎉 🎉 W E L C O M E 🎉 🎉 🎉 Sending out a HUGE WELCOME to our newest Essentials Community members! Thank you for being part of our Essentials Ohana! ❤️ Please feel free to ask questions, answer other customer questions, network with Small Business owners just like you, or share a story about your journey with Essentials using this Community forum. This is a safe space for all of our members and we're so excited to have you here with us. We look forward to connecting with you soon! WELCOME @Casey Bushick @Reena Koul @Bill Stribling @Vickie Lam @JAIME RUEDA @Mercy Sells @Mary Eberhardt @Morten Aagaard @Elizabeth Halkos @Otto Weiler @Maryela Rodriguez @Laura RS @Cyndy Ferguson @Deana DeSilva @Shannon Anglero @Malisa Gibbons More

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Luc Laverdiere

Using Salesforce Classic, Safari 10.15 and Chrome 86.0 do not display a custom field (Data Type: Rich Type Area) while Safari 10.10 still does. Any idea why this is happening? More

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Anne Zacharias

How do I link a new person on an account to an existing lead? I want to be sure I can still access the past notes that were associated with the original person who was the lead on this unconverted account. More

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Tracy Spates

Hi, I am in need of an alternative to the often maligned multiselect picklist! If we had a higher version of Salesforce I would create a related list to a custom object that could house the multiple values. Creating individual check box fields on the Opportunity is doable but messy as I would need 44 fields. I looked briefly at using the Opportunity Product object (since we don't have products) however it appears that Opportunity Product is also not supported in Essentials ..hmmm. Any suggestions? any other standard objects that I could possibly utilize? p.s. yes I need to be able to report on this data making multiselect picklist out of the question :-) More

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