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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) platform, including Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing. Configure quotes, manage pricing, and create contracts and orders with Salesforce CPQ. From there, generate invoices, collect one time and recurring payments, and easily recognize revenue with Salesforce Billing.

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Muhammad Bangash

Hi All, Use case: Order lines have several stages of fulfillment (with a span of several months) before it can be billed. Yet we should be able to amend the order (add line, delete line, add discount) during fulfillment life cycle. As order lines gets fulfilled, it should be billed. Billing schedule is running monthly, so every month only those order line items will be billed which are fulfilled. I am assuming that I need to contract the order because amendment is needed during the life cycle of order fulfillment. Is that right ?. Activation of order is required for contract the order. How to stop the billing of an activated order line item during fulfillment life cycle. ? For discount amendment do I need to make the quantity to zero (delete) for that product and add it again and give discount ?. Appreciate the help. More

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Nick Petersohn

How does Salesforce CPQ for Communities differ from Salesforce CPQ? Is the functionality and setup the same? If so, how would I 'hide' certain functionality such as discounting? More

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KayLeigh Dent

💰💵 How can CPQ & Billing data on the Salesforce platform fuel Service Cloud & Einstein Analytics to help you collect cash FASTER? 💰 💵 We will share the answer to that question during this webinar on 8/13 @ 11am PT | 2pm ET! Registration Page: Cash has always been critical, but nowadays this topic is more important and relevant than ever. During this webinar, we will cover 5 Steps to faster, more accurate cash collection by placing ALL customer interactions (including billings, payments, and collections) on the Salesforce platform! Below you find a breakdown of the topics that will be covered in the webinar: - Know your customer's creditworthiness - Run credit checks during the quoting process to ensure customers can pay for what they are planning to purchase. - Ensure order and invoice accuracy - Salesforce Billing ensures that invoices are accurate, eliminating potential customer disputes regarding inaccurate invoices - ultimately leading to more timely payments. AND by securing purchase order numbers upfront, you can be sure your customers have the funds to pay. - Know what your customers own today - In order to best serve your customers, you need to have an accurate view of what they own, and what their purchase history has been. The NEW Customer Asset Lifecycle Management helps with that. 🔴 Now that this RICH, customer-centric billing data is on the Salesforce platform, how can you leverage it to collect cash faster? This is when you will hear from our very own Accounts Receivable team! They will speak about how they use Service Cloud & Einstein Analytics to... 4. Engage with customers - Service Cloud is a one-stop-shop for collections. Everything from managing customer disputes to automating collection tasks. 5. Analyze & predict collections - With invoice data fueling Einstein Analytics, you can not only visualize your receivables health to forecast collections with greater accuracy, but you can also use Einstein discovery to understand what is driving late payments! If you want to learn more and see some awesome demos around getting cash in the door faster using CPQ & Billing, Service Cloud, & Einstein Analytics, register here: More

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Andy Shelton

Is there a way to automatically set the quantity based on a field on the Account and then increase that number by a percentage, year over year, in an MDQ quote? For example, let's say we have a customer that has 10,000 users. So, year 1 in the MDQ quote will have a qty of 10,000. The customer expects a 10% growth, year over year, over the next 5 years. So the qty on year 2 would be 10% higher than year 1 and year 3 would be 10% higher than year 2 and so on. Any thoughts on how to do this so that the users don't have to do the math and manually enter the qty for every line item? More

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Diana Swartz

Is there a way to clone a quote and also reset some fields so my validation rules aren't triggered? Example: Quote #Q-000520 is Closed Won but I want to quote the same things to someone else. I'd like to Clone with Related to keep all the quote lines with product configuration, but want the Status to reset to Draft and Approvals to clear and want to change the related Opportunity record. #CPQAskAnExpert More

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