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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. Configure quotes, manage pricing, and create contracts and orders with Salesforce CPQ. From there, generate invoices, collect one time and recurring payments, and easily recognize revenue with Salesforce Billing.

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Nida Onay

Hello all, we are looking for a Salesforce techno functional consultant who has strong CPQ expertise. This is a great opportunity for the right person. I am providing the link below to the job posting with all the details. Any referrals or shares within your network would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! More

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William Street

Hi all, we have come across a strange situation. We are trying to add a new percent of total product to a contract via an amendment. Because this is the first time it is being added, there seems to be an issue that the Quote won't create an order. It seems that because there are no new regular products being added as well, it isn't calculating anything. This also seems to be wrong as we are trying to add the new percent of total product to calculate an amount on the remainder of the billing term (proration) from the existing products, not any new products in this situation. Does anyone have any advice on this situation? In summary, no new products being ordered on the amendment, just adding a brand new percent of total product and proration needs to be calculated on the existing products for the remainder of the current billing term. An order won't create. Many thanks in advance. More

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MeiYee Y

#RevenueAskanExpert 1. I would like to explore on applying discounts by "month"? Example, if I have a 1 year long subscription, sales rep give a discount of “2 months”, thus charging customers a total of 10months for 12 months subscription? I wonder if price rules with lookup queries work for this? 2. Is it possible to apply discount/promo code in CPQ? Is it true price rules as well? Thank you More

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Jay Ashley Icayan

Hello, can anyone recommend a better solution to address the sorting of products in Dynamic Bundles? Currently it doesn't follow the configurable sort orders available in the options and SF help pointed me to this idea: We do have a lot of products and have broken them into multiple features already in our bundles. Our products change so much that we just want another way to organize and sort them. Thanks in advance! More

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Nadim Lahoud

Hi CPQ friends, Anyone else have State and Country/Territory Picklists enabled in their org but frustrated by the fields on the SBQQ Quote object remaining doggedly free text? Is there a workaround for this? In other words: Can the SBQQ Shipping / Billing state and country fields be converted into the native picklists? More

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