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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) platform, including Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing. Configure quotes, manage pricing, and create contracts and orders with Salesforce CPQ. From there, generate invoices, collect one time and recurring payments, and easily recognize revenue with Salesforce Billing.

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Hannah Hanrahan

Hi there another question for the group - in general our contracts have uplift added to them however, we have a few products we do not want uplift applied to. Is there a way to tag the product to exclude it from the uplift calculation and having it applied on the renewal quote? More

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Fraser Suyetsugu

Is it feasible to auto submit for approval using Advanced Approvals managed package? I am looking to remove the manual process of clicking the Submit for Approval button. From what I understand it's feasible when calling the SBAA.ApprovalAPI.submit method as detailed in this KB - Anyone accomplished this or previously explored? Able to share experience? More

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Morgan Marchese

What are the implications of leaving the "Subscription Term" field blank on individual Products in a Salesforce CPQ & Billing setup? My understanding is that the Subscription Term field at the Quote Level controls the total length of the Subscription, where-as the Subscription Term of an individual Line Item is used in calculation to determine what the final price should be based on the Quote Level Subscription Term. In my testing, if a Product is set to bill Monthly, with a Product-Level Subscription Term of 6, and the Quote Level Subscription Term is 12, then CPQ doubles the price on the quote for that product, but if I leave the Product-Level Subscription Term blank and set the Quote Level Subscription Term to 12, I get the same result. Is the only purpose of the Product/Quote Line Level Subscription Term for uses when the Quote Term is a lower number than the Quote Line term? I.e. a Quote Line Level Term of 6 will be divided in half if the Quote Level Term is 3? #CPQAskAnExpert More

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Sean Wylie

If we are experiencing APEX timeout errors when saving a quote how do we trouble shoot that? It tends to occurs on a primary Quote that has more than 50 quote lines. So it must be the syncing between Quote Line and Opportunity Products that times out. We get around it by unchecking the Primary box, changing the quote, then rechecking the Primary box. Is there a better way to do that? #CPQAskAnExpert More

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Nick Petersohn

How would I apply a price/cost to only the first occurrence of a product in the quote line editor? For example: Line 1 - Product A - $1 Line 2 - Product A - $0 Line 3 - Product A - $0 Would this be a combination of Price Rules and Summary Variables? #CPQAskAnExpert More

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