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Darrell DeVeaux

For the Provider Relationship Cards, if we try to relate the card to a Custom Object in a (our) managed package that has record types, we do not get the option to select a Record Type even though we have access to them both through the System Admin profile AND a permission set on the (our) managed package. As a result we get the error that says "You do not have access to X Object" when displaying the Provider Relationship Card. Is there somewhere else we would need to provide this RecordType permission? Is it possible something else is causing the error? More

6 days ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Mousumi Chatterjee

I'm excited to announce that the “Health Cloud Utilization Management” Trailhead module is available! The creator: @Shirley Thomas, thank you for all your hard work. Scope: 2 units containing detailed information on how to streamline utilization management business processes for better member care management. Background: Loads of research and valuable insights from the cross-functional teams and our partners formed the basis of this module Expected Result: Rich learning experience and a fun way to understand how to set up the feature, help partner enablement and increase customer adoption. Star Contributors: Without you all, this module wouldn't be possible: - @Tina Woodall (from Coastal Cloud) for her inputs, review and help in bridging the knowledge gap. - @Zach Bacon for always being there and leading in the right direction. - @Ajay M S for giving a quick demo and patiently clearing doubts. - @Ted Kuster for the peer review edits that took care of all the “not neededs” and the “good to haves”. - @Alice Pope for being the editor for Shirley's second module as well. A special thank you for getting this out this week :). - @Anna Sims and @Elise O'Keefe for their expert eye that caught even the minutest of “hey, wait a minutes”. - @Brian Zhang for the quickest “slam dunk” with the graphic. - @Ruby Castro for the badge art. So many elements in one badge graphic! - @Tara Stephens for putting the module through the alpha test. Thank you for the great suggestions and the encouragement :). - @Kemi Le for the quick turnaround with the beta testing. - @Alekhya Sen Gupta for helping sort out the expected teething troubles with Trailmaker. Note: You can find this module in the Deliver Great Patient Care with Health Cloud trail also. What’s Next: We request you to promote this module and attempt the quizzes to gain 200 points! Congratulations to all of you and a big THANK YOU! More

6 days ago · 2 comments · 2 likes

John Szurley

I noticed on the Care Request Item object that although there were 2 look up fields to the Healthcare Procedures object, that neither showed up in the list of fields when adding a formula. When I add a third lookup custom field to the Healthcare Procedures object, I am able to see it when making a formula. I don't think this is proper behavior with Salesforce. I added a file of screen shots showing the 3 look up fields and what shows and doesn't show in the formula list. Any thoughts on this Salesforce? @Zach Bacon @* Salesforce Health Cloud * Thanks More

6 days ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Amiel Miguel

Hi Experts, I'm new to Health Cloud and I would like to ask help with a Trailhead issue regarding "Enable Multiple Custom Care Plans". I have followed the all steps in "Create a Custom Care Plan" module but the record type is not displaying when adding a new Care Plan. Trailhead : Thank you all in advance More

13 days ago · 7 comments · 0 likes

Ankit Singh

Hi,Can anyone tell me when should we use Candidate patients and when to use Lead Object,I am a bit confused ,I know that we can use Candidate Patients when we get data from EHR system and lead can be used to get leads from web etc.are there any other use cases that I might be missing. More

14 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

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