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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Einstein and the best place to discuss AI built into the core of the Salesforce platform.

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Portia DeFreest

Good day everyone! Is there a way to snap fit the Einstein capture email insights? I don't want to have to scroll but just see the entire email. More

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Gabriel Alindogan

Hi. So I am an EA developer for an engineering firm. Our sales team creates oppts with minimal info then when the team gets together with the client during the design process, they add the components as oppty line items(products). So our SF instance might have 10,000 opptys, 4000 of which have line items.( Ex. Oppt A for a cell phone design might have 3 line items- camera, battery and screen. Oppty B- just camera and screen. Oppty C has barebones info with zero line items because the design team is still finalizing component details. ). For the purposes of creating EA discoveries AND maximizing isWon==True to create predictions on future opptys, I am thinking of using the line items instead of the main oppty object so EA can have more rows. 12,000+ rows vs. only 4000. What are the pitfalls if I use the line items vs the main oppty object? I intend to bring account, user and oppty variables (ie account market code, user created date, billing country,etc) down into the line items thru dataflow. Thanks More

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Madeleine Gill

*CALL FOR RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS!* Ever wish there were a better way for sales managers to provide coaching to their team? If sales coaching matters to you and your team, we’d love to pick your brain and hear how we can build solutions that help. Just fill out this contact form and we'll schedule a time to chat: Additional info about the research: Sales managers are busier than ever in a COVID world. How can they coach their team more efficiently and smartly to win more deals? How might we help sales managers coach better and provide the right feedback at the right time to help take their team to the next level? @Salesforce Productivity @* High Velocity Sales * More

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Pranit Bhisade

Hi Guys, I have enabled Einstein Opportunity Scoring in my org. 1. I am able to see the field "Opportunity Score"in pagelayout. But not able to see the field when I open any opportunity record. What can be the problem and how can I over Come it. Thank You. More

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Moitshepi Monyanyedi

Hi Guys, i cannot seem to locate the 'My Exploration' on the 'Become a Data Explorer' challenge Error: The 'Top Laptop Industry' lens does not appear to have the correct query. Please check the requirements and ensure everything is setup correctly. I have done all the steps below except for the last one of which i cannot locate the App: My Exploration, what could be the problem, please help? - Dataset: DTC Opportunity - Chart Type: Stacked Bar - Bars: Industry - Bar Segments: Product Name - Bar Length: Sum of Amount - Sort: Descending - Filters: Product Family Laptops - Filters: Won true - Lens Name: Top Laptop Industry - App: My Exploration More

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