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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Einstein and the best place to discuss AI built into the core of the Salesforce platform.

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Sara Natali

Einstein Search - does an option exist to use the keyword "top" in the natural language search? Such as "my top opportunities"? More

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Anil Kumar

Hello folks, i am learning einstein predictor i got a doubt that after the process of prediction i got scorecard and i enabled the prediction but i am able to see the prediction results its blank please help me with this.@Rajiv Patel Thanks in advance.. More

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Rajiv Patel

Have you heard? The Predict with Salesforce Einstein Contest has been extended to Friday, August 14! 📣 🙌 In this contest, you will be able to build your own AI prediction AND have an opportunity to win: - a consultation with a Salesforce AI Expert and Airpod Pros (15 winners) - an Einstein branded Hive speaker (30 winners) - or Einstein plushy (50 winners) See this blog post for the full details: 🔧 🤖 More

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ramdoss k

Hi Everyone, while trying to check challenge of the data preparation superbadge . the attached error has been appearing. could you please anyone help to resolve this error. More

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Ayori Selassie

🔥 Announcement: Einstein Search beta is now available to Professional Edition!🔥 Einstein Search helps you work faster and smarter with AI-powered search. Provisioning of Einstein Search licenses has been completed for all Professional Edition orgs. That means Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition admins can enable Einstein Search at no additional cost to realize the following benefits: 🔥🤖 Personalized results to boost productivity End users (sales, service, marketing) live and breathe in Salesforce and need to find their information quickly. Having personalized results to each user helps your employees work more productively. 🔥🤖 Natural Language Filters Typing in phrases and sentences into search that understands natural language helps surface results for our employees faster. 🔥🤖 Take Action from the search box Your employees can take action from right within the search box, such as "add a contact", reducing the number of clicks and increasing productivity. 📖 To leverage these incredible benefits, admins just need to turn on Einstein Search with 3 simple steps detailed here: Set Up and Manage Einstein Search Features: 📧 We want to hear from you about Einstein Search. Please send your feedback or questions to More

8 days ago · 8 comments · 9 likes

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