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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Einstein and the best place to discuss AI built into the core of the Salesforce platform.

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Cian Tobin

Einstein Case Classification AI Question Does anyone know what machine learning method this feature uses and how the accuracy is calculated? Or does anyone know where I can find this information? Many thanks! More

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Elisa Williams

Einstein Search - I have a question on the personalized search. The help says that search results are based on locations, industries, product areas, and other attributes preferred by each user. What's determining the location/industry - is it my actual physical location or is it due to my search history and location of records that I have been accessing or something else? Ditto for industry - how does that work? More

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Sara Natali

Einstein Search - does an option exist to use the keyword "top" in the natural language search? Such as "my top opportunities"? More

5 days ago · 6 comments · 1 likes

Anil Kumar

Hello folks, i am learning einstein predictor i got a doubt that after the process of prediction i got scorecard and i enabled the prediction but i am able to see the prediction results its blank please help me with this.@Rajiv Patel Thanks in advance.. More

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Rajiv Patel

Have you heard? The Predict with Salesforce Einstein Contest has been extended to Friday, August 14! 📣 🙌 In this contest, you will be able to build your own AI prediction AND have an opportunity to win: - a consultation with a Salesforce AI Expert and Airpod Pros (15 winners) - an Einstein branded Hive speaker (30 winners) - or Einstein plushy (50 winners) See this blog post for the full details: 🔧 🤖 More

8 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

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