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Jed Rosenberg

Hey all! Doing all the fun prep to finally turn on connected campaigns. Before I do, looking for a little clarification on one of the steps: Should I create a Pardot Campaign for ALL of our individual children and/or grandchildren or will it do that upon turning it on and selecting the appropriate record type and date range. For example, I have created my tradeshows organization like below for reporting. Do I create like campaigns in Pardot for each individual Sproket Show that already has a Salesforce campaign? Or, is it only automatic moving forward after turning connected campaigns on. Thank you! - Tradeshows- National- Sprockets Show National - East- Sprockets Show East - West- Sprockets Show West More

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Jo Ann Kern

We want to change the setting to Automatically Delete or Merge but cannot locate the authorities listed - we use HEDA ##AskAPardotExpert More

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Jo Ann Kern

We need to exclude or limit the records that are synced to Pardot from SalesForce. We use V1 connector with a connector ID that has System Administrator Service Profile and No Role. #[#AskAPardotExpert] More

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Heather Frame

#AskaPardotExpert. Is there a way to set up a Pardot/Salesforce sync regularly with specific campaigns but not all? More

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Bryan Giese

Are there resources that show how to pass a value to a contact form to use as a hidden field? I have several pages that have unique products that all link to a contact form. I'd like to pass the value of the page so when the form is filled out, I have the specific product page they were interested in. I could create unique forms for each, but one form would make maintenance easier. More

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