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Andrew Hassan

Hi - pretty new to Pardot but with a lot of experience in Sales/Service cloud. We've recently setup a Pardot sandbox attached to a full copy SF sandbox using the V2 connector. We run a regular refresh of our SF sandbox. I was expecting the Pardot Sandbox to be lost through this process, but what seems to have happened is the Production connected user credentials has overwritten the Pardot sandbox connected user. So now our Pardot Sandbox is linked to production data (which is bad). I've tried to update the sandbox connected user to link to our SF Sandbox without success. From what I understand Pardot Sandboxes are pretty new and don't have a metadata API. There also seems to be very limited (and conflicting advice on them). Has anyone experienced this issue before? Really need some advice on returning the Pardot Sandbox to a functional state for testing purposes. My plan is to uninstall the b2bma package and reinstall... More

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Stephanie Brown

Hi, New admin here, learning Pardot on the fly. We have a Pardot contact form that's on our website. When a visitor completes the form, a lead is created in Salesforce and a Pardot form completion action assigns them to a Salesforce campaign. We also have an automation that populates another field (lead source detail) with the campaign name. This is the perfect scenario, but it doesn't always work this way. The contact form has a website tracking code created by Pardot. When forms come in, sometimes the actual campaign name is in the Lead's Pardot Campaign field in Salesforce. That’s great because I use it in automation to populate the lead source field (which Pardot Source field isn't always populating for some reason) and do auto lead routing. But other times, the Pardot Campaign field says “Website Tracking.” That causes the automation not to work (there's no matching Website Tracking campaign in Salesforce b/c we don't need it), so my lead source detail field doesn’t get populated, and the lead doesn’t get routed correctly. Populating the Pardot Campaign field seems to be completely random. I can't figure out why, how to stop it or how to make sure our lead source info gets in there all the time. A former colleague said we needed to remove the Pardot website tracking because there's a conflict, but I don't know if we want to do that because I'm pretty sure the marketing team uses tracking info in Pardot. Tks... More

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Domitille Feret

Hello everyine, [export] [bug] ? I am encountering some trouble with prospect exportation (file not loading, data missing). One of my client warned me also about a similar issue. Does anyone have heard about a current bug ? Thank you ! More

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Abhishek Verma

Hey There, Pardot RockStars, Need your help! where to put the %%content%% variable tag in Layout Template when do import URL in Pardot if it already has a form I'm trying to create a Landing Page using Layout Template by import URL method which already has a form in it. Can someone help me out and guide me on where should I put the %%content%% variable tag inside the code? More

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Eleonora Carminati

Hi All, can I unsuscribe some email addresses on Pardot? Or the only way to not send them emails is to delete them? Best Regards, Eleonora More

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