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Pavani Kalapala

Hi Everyone We do long pooling from our front-end React component to salesforce messages api to get agent response. Frequency to this api has been set as 5 seconds, i.e. we make calls to messages api 5 seconds once to get an agent message. We need to know if 5seconds is the right interval for messages api (long polling) call. When we validated through our VF page, the frequency to messages api call varies. If the response code from messages api is 204 then it's 30seconds interval, if the response code is 200 then the next call is immediate. We had a couple of calls with the SF support team and we were getting different suggestions. First we have been instructed not to have any sort of wait time and keep invoking the messages api in sequence and in the next call we got below suggestion which is more generic. More

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sourabh shrestha

Hi Everyone, We have email to case setup in our instance. Now there is a need to update the current email address with a new email that will create the cases. Any idea what changes do I need to make. DO i need to delete the current email routing and create a new one or edit the existing one. What impact will it have on my current running system. More

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Abeer Al-Tarifi

Hello everyone, Where I can find the Article Management tab? Can anyone help me to find it? More

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DevPixel Admin

Hello there, can anybody provide an implementation checklist of Service Cloud for Lightning? Thanks. More

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Tolu Wayns

Any ideas/suggestions on the best Service Cloud/Chatbot Interview prep? Thanks in advance. More

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