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Karen Kremer

I am using the standard Contact Support component on a community, and have it exposed to public (guest) users. I have a flow that assigns the public cases to the correct queue, since you can't trigger assignment rules in the community. This flow is working great. I previously had to assign the Community Guest User to each queue that is used for assignment to allow the automation to reassign the case when the guest user creates one. This is still working fine for the queues that I had built out a over a year ago. I now need to create a new queue and add it in to my automation. With the new guest site user security updates, I can no longer assign my guest user to queues (it seems that my old queue assignments were grandfathered in - possibly an oversight). So, I cannot run a flow or workflow rule to assign these guest cases to queue when they are created. It just throws an error. Is my only option Apex now? Or, am I missing something obvious? All of the Salesforce documentation says to use workflow or process to assign the guest cases to a queue, but this does not seem possible if the guest user can't be associated with a queue any more. Thank you! @* Experience Cloud * More

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Will Minnis

Anyone using Five9 for voice and SFDC Omni Channel? Would love to hear about how you have addressed or worked around conflicting item delivery (a Five9 call while on a Omni Channel case for example) and also a holistic look at reporting on agent time. More

4 days ago · 0 comments · 2 likes

Michelle Vose

Hi #Ohana, We have discovered a need to allow customer's to 'go backwards' when interacting with the Bot. Looking for insight on making this available. We are using intent functionality and want to be able to allow the customer to go back to the previous message/menu if the wrong selection is made from the menu driven Bot. I don't see an option in Dialog: @* Service Cloud * @Service Insider More

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Jatin Patel

Hey Trailblazers, I have enable the channel for messaging and created channel for Facebook messenger. I have created permission set and assigned to an user. I have configured the omnichannel and assigned a queue also. But still not able to receive message in omni-channel utility. Looking for help. TIA. More

5 days ago · 1 comments · 2 likes

Hayes Withrow

📢📢 Join us for the next Ask a Ask An Expert Session Now offered the first and third Tuesday of every month! 🎉 Date/Time: November 17th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT Format: Live and unmuted! Hosts: Hayes Withrow, Elizabeth Thompson REGISTER HERE: In this Ask an Expert Session, Experts will answer questions regarding the suite: Workplace Command Center, Employee Wellness Check, Shift Management, Contact Tracing, myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness, Emergency Response Management, Volunteer and Grants Management, Extend with Partners. This session is ideal for customers who already have licenses. More

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