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Claudine Sauvetre

Hi all, What are the languages supported by einstein case classification please? I can see you can add the 'Language' field to the page layout but are models able to cope with each of the languages in this picklist? Thanks for your input. C. More

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Tricia Williams

Have a best practice question here... When a user completes a case and closes it and a customer responds to the closed case, do you create a new case or reopen it from the closed phase if it needs rework? What if on a closed case a customer responds to that email attached to that case, but it's a new issue? Do you clone the case? Any assistance on what best practice or how you handle this is much appreciated! Just looking for some guidance and how others handle Thank you! More

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Clement Tussiot

Good morning/afternoon! I am building new products at Salesforce and would love to interview you for 30 min. In short, hearing from you about the day to day job of your customer service representatives and how technology can solve their problems / bring value to your business. Feel free to direct message me or email me at I appreciate your help! More

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Prasanna Sekar

CLI Data loader - How to use dynamic value for parameter ? Hi All, For importing data into salesforce via dataloader CLI, how to provide dynamic value for parameter in process-conf.xml ? The file which i use for importing has naming "AccountData_2020_05-08-.csv" How to pass it dynamically for "" parameter ? AccountData_mm-dd-yyyy.csv <entry key="" value="C:\data\accountdata_YYYY-MM-DD.csv"/> More

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Sara Woodman

Is Chat a good solution to use for internal agent to agent communication in Lightning? More

3 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

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