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Anil Singh

Hi all, I am having a requirement where I need to do some modification into email to case requirement is mentioned below. 1. I having a email address set upped in email to case, once I send a email to that particular address it creates a new case in the system and then from the feed item of that case we are sending the reply to the person who has logged the case through some default email template, and by this way the service rep and the person communicate with each other and with the help of thread id(enabled thread id in the body is checked) the replies comes to that particular case only. But after some days the service rep closes that case then what ever the replies comes to this email thread for those we need to create a new case i.e. the copy of old case so for this what i am doing right now in the before insert trigger of email message i am checking if the case linked with the email message is in closed status then i am copying few fields from old case and insert a new case in the system and after case insertion i am changing the parentId field with newly inserted case id. But once I go to the feed section(email action) of new case there i am seeing as the refId of Old case under original email section and if I send that email to the person who has logged the new request so the person is getting 2 refIds in the email i.e. one belongs to old closed case and one belongs to newly created case and if the person replies to that email which contains 2 refId then the incoming email is going back to old closed case but we want that email messges to be linked with newly created case. I even tried with removing the old case ThreadId with empty string from text body field of email message record but still in the email i am seeing 2 ids(It seems like saleforce is updating it only to record level not in the original email). Any guidence would be appriciated. Thanks Alot More

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Connie Hazendonk

Thanks @Samuel Reynolds for your training session today. I have a question related to the exam. How much will we need to know about the difference between Classic & Lightning. Will the exam ask about that or will it mainly focus on Lightning? Thanks! More

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Ben Ziegler

@Samuel Reynolds Thank you for the excellent demo today for Service Cloud Consulting exam preparation - that was a lot of talking to yourself :) I logged in from the US at 4AM and was able to stay awake and engaged the entire time, so kudos! I have a question concerning the difference between Case Escalation rules and Milestone Actions. I believe I understand how and when each function should be implemented, but I wonder if you can encounter scenarios where one might interfere with the other, and how would Salesforce handle such a conflict? Thank you Ben Ziegler More

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Casey Springer

✴️ WEBINAR RECORDING: CASE MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICES ✴️ Looking for an introduction to case management? Join Salesforce expert @Chi Son on this upcoming webinar where we'll cover best practices on case assignment, escalations and routing. RECORDING: DECK: QUESTIONS ASKED ON-AIR: *** Looking for other Success Best Practices? Check out the recordings at Topics range from user / data management, email integration, customizations and workflow automation! More

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Jayesh Bhatnagar

We have started our journey to use Messaging (SMS Text) feature of Service Cloud. We had this setup in a sandbox and seemed to be working alright. We then requested this be setup in our production org and it seems to have completely stopped working in our sandbox and responses are not being received in Production. Is there any limitation where you cannot have the same Messaging Channel (SMS Number) setup and active in both a sandbox and production? More

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