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Atile Developer

Criei 1 filas de casos e adicionei um membro à ela e solicitei o envio de email ao membro, com as regras de atribuição de casos criada e ativada, mas este email não chega. More

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Atile Developer

Estou criando casos com Web-to-case e apesar de está habilitada a função de definir origem do caso como email, quanto o caso é criado, a informação da origem do caso não é preenchida. More

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Prasanna Sekar

Hi ! How to add an existing contact to a campaign using trigger based on contact criteria . Also how to set Campaign member status for the record which is being added ? I'm not creating or modifying records .I need to query on existing records . Thanks ! More

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Thierry Chaput

Hi awesome trailblazers! I am creating a web chat to be available on a page a visitor can access once logged into the community. I need to identify the userId of the visitor so that I can then automatically link it to the chat transcript using a flow. I cannot find how to get this userId and use it in a flow launched when the chat transcript is created. I want to avoid asking information to the visitor because he/she is connected so expect to be recognized. So Pre-Chat form to capture a custom field is not my preferred solution! Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks in advance for your help! More

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Ankit Kumar

Real time updates on Email to Case Feed layout? Hi my awesome Trailblazers! I need your help to know if: - We have a feature in Service cloud that will help show to Agent 1 the latest Email sent by Agent 2 on a common/same case feed? (Real time updates to all users working on the same case feed)💭🤔 Note:🧠 - Agent 1 is parallelly working on the same Email-to-case feed as Agent 2 - Agent 1 had opened the feed before Agent 2 sent the email More

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