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Anuraag Bhadana

Fellow Trailblazers, came across a weird issue in our org today and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this/knows what's wrong. We're in the process of migrating our users to lightning. We use assignment rules to route cases to the right queue/person. We also have specific case assignment notification email templates defined within the assignment rule for some of these assignment steps. We noticed today that if a user creates a case in classic, everything works as expected. When they flip to lightning and create the exact same case, the case is created and assigned to the right person/queue however the case assignment email notification isn't getting generated. We can't figure out why it works in classic but not lightning. Any thoughts? More

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Howard Weinstein

Email-to-Case Not Working Correctly with Office 365 - We are trying to setup Email-to-Case with our Office 365 account but we are having issues - The email routing was setup and verified, but only the Salesforce Service address works when used directly. I have tried with rules and with forwarding to have the short email address forward to the service address but it does not work. Has anyone seen this issue and fixed it with an Outlook / Office 365 account? I see lots of examples in YouTube on gmail but very few with normal email addresses. We are using a shared mailbox, but I tested it with my own email address and had the same issue. - The Email Thread option does not work unless I manually send the email to the service address. Per the documentation (which is quite terrible) any reply should add a response to the existing case, but again this does not work and only worked when I added the service address to the cc on the reply. It would be ridiculous to force our clients to always remember to add this long email address. More

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David Cornford

Keen to get people's opinions. I have support cases that progress through actions performed by multiple departments. I am looking at benefits and drawbacks of simply transferring Case ownership to another department (quick, but I loose volume reporting as the case is now owned by another department) Vs creating a child ticket for the new department as its a new task (more cumbersome, but I get accurate reporting). What is considered best practice and what do people feel is the best option? More

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Tommy S

Hi! Hoping someone will be able to assist with an Omni channel question. Is it standard functionality for re-opened cases l (viaworkflow) to trigger the case back into originating omni enabled queue? Steps to recreate: 1. Case is routed to agent via omni 2. agent accepts and closes the case 3. email is received back from the customer, the case is reopened via workflow 4. if the agent is online, it will route back to them 5. if the agent declines or misses, it will route back into the queue Is the following expected behaviour? or is there a way to keep the case with the agent who originally managed the case? Thanks! More

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Don Schueler

I would like to add support for "other" video embeds in Knowledge Richt Text field. Is there a way to do that? It would be great if at least the HTML5 VIDEO Tag player would be supported. I SHOULD be able to just embed an MP4 video anywhere there at a minimum. More

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