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Dimi B

Good afternoon : I tested Facebook Messaging briefly in an org, and have a messaging session record idle, with the status waiting. How can I "unbock" it ? Thanks in advance ! More

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Steve Haekler

Hello Service Cloud Trailblazers. We are converting Salesforce Solutions (I know that dates me!) to Classic Knowledge Articles and there does not seem to be a straightforward process. Has anyone done this or at least know of some process or documentation we can follow? Thanks for any insight at all. More

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Erin Durange

What is the "parent record" of an unresolved task? I'm trying to help one of my users to resolve some of the unresolved email tasks that belong to other users (some active, some inactive), but she is receiving the "insufficient access rights on object id" error. I am reasonably sure that this is related to her not being the "assigned to" person on the task. I checked object access, and gave her permission to transfer records and update records with inactive owners but none of those seem to have made a difference. I checked the sharing rules on activities and it's set to "Controlled by Parent". This appears to be a default I can't edit. I as system admin am able to edit these records so I know it's possible, I'm just not sure exactly what the setting is that needs to be toggled to enable my user to do the same. Any guidance the hive mind can offer is appreciated. :) More

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Marcel Dubois

Hi all, I have questions related to a specific part of implementing KCS in Salesforce. Core issue: How did you implement multiple agents collaborating on one new article/issue? Here's the scenario: A new case comes in that needs a new article. The case is complicated and takes several days to resolve. There is back and forth with the customer and engineering that causes the agent to collect new information as time goes by. In that same time period, more cases come in that are picked up by other agents and end up being the same underlying issue. In your implementation, how do the second/third agents find the first agent's article? Are the 2nd/3rd agents who get the same issue (different customers) expected to search Draft articles as well as Published articles before creating a new article? Is the first agent expected to publish their article while it's still a Work in Progress, so others can find it more easily? Assuming the 2nd/3rd agents find the original article (whether it was a draft or published WIP), how did you implement multiple agents collaborating on that one article/issue? Do you assume the first agent owns the article and other agents funnel their updates to the first agent (ie - thru the article chatter feed)? Do you have all the agents updating the same draft article and hope there isn't confusion or data loss? Do you have all agents Publish the WIP article after every change is made so the next agent has to make a Draft to add any changes and then they republish with their updates? I can see implementing this a couple ways and I'm curious to know what other people have done in this situation. More

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Hang Yi Darlene Shum

Hi, I am looking for Email to Case documentation and the roadmap of Email to Case, On Demand Email to Case and Email Services. I could not find any detailed documentation. I am look for security compliance documentation as well as architecture diagram. Anything will help. More

3 days ago · 0 comments · 3 likes

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