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Hi team, We are using a community in experience builder. We are trying to display the case feed. However, we want to filter this feed only on comments, emails. I tried feed filters with a New page layout and feed views but created date and status change stay on the feed on the community side. Any idea? 💡 More

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Jessica Lillquist

Happy Monday! I'm wondering if anyone has experience enabling and configuring Social Customer Service that may have tips for implementation. My customer has multiple social accounts in each channel (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter) and I'm looking for advice on how best to configure and test without affecting current Social Studio moderators/users and ensure none of our test data impacts any live social accounts. Is it best practice to create dummy social accounts for configuration/testing purposes? Should we enable social customer service in a Dev or partial/full sandbox? Do we connect to a production social studio instance or need to setup a sandbox for that as well? I'm not very well versed in Social Studio, hence the search for advice. Any gotchas or experiences would be welcome. Thanks in advance! Jessica More

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Mani Ram Subba

How to backup salesforce data ? More

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Charles Ituah

Hi guys great to be here 🤗 More

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Darshit Trivedi

Hello All, I am facing an error of ' You cant perform this action on Page' for Email Tab in Feed for Case. I have checked Email to Case Settings and 'Enable Email to Case' is Active. I have also checked Deliverability settings and Emails are active in that section as well. Profile used for this is Admin I have also tried out disabling and enabling Enhanced email option but issue is still not resolved. Can anyone guide me on this and let me know which is the exact setting option for this. It is only happening for Case Object. More

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