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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to sharing resources and information about Salesforce Service Delivery (previously "Official: Salesforce Infrastructure") details, updates, best practices, and maintenance. We cover topics such as instance refreshes, scheduled maintenance, security enhancements and feature retirement.

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vihar somani

What is the best practice to refresh any sandbox which is tightly integrated with external system(i.e., Uses salesforce ids to send any updates to salesforce). More

21 days ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Nick Gibbons

Can somebody explain to me why it is that when I look at the Trust | Status history for NA100 on Feb 8 I see no mention of the recent issue - - that definitely impacted our production orgs on this instance. If this sort of service disruption doesn't get added to the history of instances in Trust | Status then what's the point of it? More

22 days ago · 4 comments · 3 likes

Will Minnis

Seems there is a certification misconfiguration that should be fixed. See attached image. The link I clicked was from the in app Setup > >Home > View Release Notes (https://[customsubdomain] More

23 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

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