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Alina Makarova

If you want to get a clear overview of the Contact Builder, then check out this in-depth article we wrote that has to help to shed light on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud data model. Hope Ohana will find it useful: More

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Heather Black

H everyone, if you enjoy podcasts, you might like to listen to my new podcast show called 'Mums on Cloud Nine' launching on the 8th July. We have some great speakers from across the salesforce eco-system sharing how they have developed their career as a women in tech. Find out how to create a life that gives you the flexibility, balance and income you desire. Take a step to becoming a mum on cloud nine - More

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Guilda Hilaire

🔥🔥🔥 NOW AVAILABLE: State of Marketing research report 🔥🔥🔥 Today we are excited to launch the 6th State of Marketing research report, that surveyed almost 7,000 marketing leaders who are leading through change, all over the world (29 countries plus Hong Kong), across all major industries, across B2C/B2B/B2B2C, and all sizes of companies. Learn about the top challenges, priorities, & innovations. I invite you to dig into the results of this year’s State of Marketing by downloading the full report and joining us on June 2 for a webinar that digs into the findings with expert analysis. Full report: Webinar: More

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Anna Loughnan

Hi everyone, I am running a special virtual community meeting tomorrow, I have finally convinced the amazing Auckland NZ Women inTech community group leader to present to us, @Alisa Herrera-Hayman /@Alisa Edwards - she has a wonderful trailblazer journey to share and I would love y'all to hear it as well. It's 5pm Pacific Tues May 12th (12 noon NZST May 13) if I have my time zone calculations correct, please register here: More

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Alina Makarova

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a small tool we have recently developed for the Trailblazer community if you realize that you spend too much time while trying to find objects in SFMC. It is a free Chrome Extension that we think can be really useful. It already saves a lot of our time while working in SFMC. It allows search for all Content Builder objects, data extensions, query activities, data filters, and automations. Here’s the link: More

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