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Welcome to the community for small and medium businesses (SMBs)! Join the conversation here to learn more about growing your business, how Salesforce can help you, and everything in between. This group is designed for SMBs to engage with one another by asking questions, helping each other, and sharing experiences.

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Robert Sullivan

When converting Leads to Accounts/Opportunities/Contacts, some fields in the latter will not appear in the "Mapping Fields" feature associated with Leads. I am able to successfully map some features, but have come across issues with the majority of them. Are you able to transfer Standard and Custom fields? More

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Howard Hauben

what to do when the VisualForce html editor is requesting a tag that is already properly in place but won't recognize it? More

2 months ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Sam Vranorsey

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone uses Shopify and how you link Orders associated with the Account record? Right now everything is manually added. I am hoping to automate this process. Thank you for your help! More

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Anton Nekic

making small biz great again More

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Piyush Singhal

HIC Global Solutions is glad to announce WEBINAR on "Unleash your productivity and bring Salesforce Project Management to the next level with Mission Control" Do drop in your email using this form and you will receive an invite for the webinar. More

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