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Natali Terreri

Thanks for joining us in June for our discussion on rollup tools. Here is the link to the recorded presentation. Many thanks to @Jon Sayer for such an interesting presentation! More

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Sara Graham

Any suggestions on where I might find information and support around leveraging a third party API to pull information into my instance of Salesforce? Our Account Rep hasn't been very responsive lately and I'm not finding much with my Trailblazer searches. Much appreciated! More

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Meera Nilekani

For people interested in getting their first certificate (Admin, App Builder, or Developer), there is an opportunity to complete Trailhead Superbadge Super Sets in exchange for a Certification Voucher worth $200. Some restrictions apply - see link for details. More

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Meera Nilekani

On Tuesday, 6/16, @Jon Sayer will lead us in a discussion about all the options for rolling up data in Salesforce! Event description: Rolling up data from related records makes reporting easier and users happy, but there is a wide array of roll-up tools available to nonprofit admins that all work in slightly different ways. Learn a bit about how Salesforce works under the hood and how that impacts your choice of tools. We will learn how to use and explain the differences between standard rollups, NPSP custom rollups, and the free 3rd party tool Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS). Hope to see you there! More

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Natali Terreri

Thanks for joining us last week for the demo from FormAssembly. Many thanks to Paul at FormAssembly for joining us and staying on extra long to answer all our questions. Here is a resource-packed post of all the topics we touched on. There were so many good links and resources I had to put them into their own doc to share! For those of you that needed to head out early, skip ahead to about minute 44 of the recording to catch the Q&A. I will share the Seattle Nonprofit User Group pricing as soon as I get that info. As always, if you have ideas for meeting topics or products you'd like demos of, reach out and let us know! Oh and check your junk mail for your gift card! They were just sent out via email so make sure it's not lost in your inbox :) More

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