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Paul Ginsberg

Want actionable Salesforce content? Created by the nonprofit community for the nonprofit community? Our event is fast approaching, so check the link for all the details and to sign up. @User Group, Amsterdam, NL @Admin Group, Brussels, BE More

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Nick Pytliak

Hello SF experts. I hope the New Year will be a year of great happiness and success for us. Happy to stay in touch with all of you More

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Nick Pytliak

Hello, I'm Nick, a new member of the community and would love to get acquainted. Happy to be in touch. Thx More

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Paul Ginsberg

I've written a (brief) case study on small nonprofits using Salesforce. I feel the lessons are also relevant to MKBs/SMEs. @User Group, Amsterdam, NL More

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Dave The Rave

"Dataloader IO" with MacBook, CSV files issue All, I am using Dataloader IO on a Macbook, when I save an Excel file as a CSV UTF-8 *Comma Delimited" .csv and then open the file up in a text file, the columns are separated by ; I then have do a 'replace all' action, to replace ; with a comma , The issue is that I have some text fields which have commas in the field content. So what happens after saving the file and reopening it, you have more columns than field headings. However, this issue does not happen with a Windows device. Any Apple computer users out there? I have also tried to download the Salesforce dataloader on my Mac, but had lots of issues though. More

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