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Paul Ginsberg

I've been getting it all WRONG! If you're an #AwesomeAdmin I think you should see/read this, especially if you want to know where you may be heading... (huge thanks to @Marie van Roekel for opening my eyes on this one!) @User Group, Amsterdam, NL More

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Amy de Kruijf

Gentle reminder for all our EMEA English-speaking customers! Our first Spring Release '21 webinar is kicking off at 10 am UK/IE time, so in about one hour. Time to get your coffee, make yourself comfortable and tune in. Today, you'll get a taste of some of the great new features that are now LIVE for Sales & Service Clouds in the Spring '21 Release. Ask your questions LIVE on the community using 💥 #Spring21LIVE 💥 We will be sharing the presentation and recording of this call within the next 48 hours. Keep an eye on this post and your emails. We also have a full schedule of deeper dives into product-specific features and more. See them all here: Again, please post any questions here rather than in the Zoom using the hashtag #Spring21LIVE. This will allow us to keep track and for you to see the types of questions others are asking! For any queries, questions, feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. @Erik FitzHugh @Rachel Wan @Yasmine Collet @Keith Lawler More

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Paul Ginsberg

If you fancy doing a good need for the day: idea to vote for (click link below) More

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Paul Ginsberg

For Nonprofits: the next Ask the Community session is this Thursday (18th February) at 11am CET. Our amazing hosts this week will be Paul Ginsberg (cough!) and Tracey Morris - this is a casual, open Q&A forum led by fellow community members! What is “Ask the Community”? There is no agenda, no presentation, no guided content -- this is open discussion, flexible format. If you have any questions you'd like to submit beforehand, or topics you'd like to cover, please comment on this thread, or ask us during the session. It is 1 hour Zoom-based open questions & answers; or Tracey and I discussing all things Nonprofits if there aren't any questions/other discussions to be had! @User Group, Amsterdam, NL More

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Amy de Kruijf

The Spring '21 release from Salesforce is here! Get up to speed with new features in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Platform, all combined in one release webinar. Join our expert sessions for live demos and Q&A. Search the global schedule & register for your local webinar today. We host this webinar in English, French, German and Italian in EMEA between the 23rd and 25th of February. For Spanish and Portuguese, please filter the calendar on the LATAM region. For any questions, feel free to reach out to me, and please, spread the word! @Erik FitzHugh @Pascaline Albin More

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