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Gordon Lee

Form Integrations with Salesforce Thanks to @Deanne Bhamgara & @Timothy Sheehan for sharing their experience with 3BForms! @Jessica Kwok showcased FormStack and I took us through FormAssembly. If you missed the meeting, links to the slide deck and recording are below. Have a great weekend, and Happy Lunar New Year! More

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Gail McCall

Salesforce Admin job opening at Honors Pathway in Oakland. (I am not affiliated with them but a contact of mine asked me to pass it along to anyone who might be qualified and interested. He said of the org: "Fantastic team and great mission serving not-yet college ready youth with college prep programs.") Check out details here: @User Group, Oakland, US More

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Frank Chan

At the end of January's meeting, we had some banter about whether we let constituents update or overwrite their information in our respective databases. People varied from begrudging acceptance to "no way in hell." Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a Google Doc Form has seen how atrocious direct user input can be compared to a well-maintained database. I described how at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I tried to carefully funnel such changes through an "auto-correct" cleansing pipeline. While I'm no longer in that capacity, here are some notes on what we did there, especially given the February meeting topic. We had pre-insert/pre-update triggers on the Contact, Household, and Account objects. They called a data cleansing Apex class, and here's a summary of what the Apex code did: - names: if in all caps, start by downcasing; capitalize first letter of names; exempt initials (J.P.) - addresses: strip commas and periods; normalize designations like 'PO Box" and "Apt"; normalize street abbreviations like "St" and "Ave"; for our local org, standardize every variation of "San Francisco"; convert everything to two-letter state abbreviations; if the same base zip code, do not replace 9-digit zip with 5-digit zip; if the street is the same, don't drop the apartment number even if incoming data omits it; more generally, don't overwrite a string with a substring; always hyphenate zip+4 - all: trim whitespace This cleansing applied to changes from both internal human users and integration users for FormAssembly, Click and Pledge, etc. Cleansing was skipped if the user was of the System Administrator profile. This allowed me to override the auto-correct for cases like when one member wanted their name to appear in lowercase. It was straightforward to test the cleansing code on past input form data. You can't cover every case, but you can see how close to ideal your cleansed names and address look. We turned field history tracking on for anything modified from the outside world. We set up reports to monitor the change history of fields of interest to make sure the auto-correct is doing what we wanted. You'll likely have to iterate to catch cases you didn't think of initially. More

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Alix Emden

Hi! I am with a non-profit called Medic Mobile based in SF with teammates scattered across 13 countries and 39 cities. We are hoping to build a project management solution in our instance to cut back on the number of tools and increase activity in the system. Has anyone in this group used Salesforce as a PM tool? Any recommendations on App Exchange, volunteers, or consultants to work with? Our budget is very low for this initiative but we might be able to scrape together something. Thanks in advance! More

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Kendra Froshman

Our fabulous Salesforce Admin is leaving Compass Family Services and we are looking for a full time person to take the role. Are you or is someone you know interested in showing off their Admin stripes in a complex multi-program Salesforce database in support of families experiencing homelessness? Then please apply!! We have a really fun team and competitive salary and benefits. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to answer them. This position is in San Francisco, CA. More

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