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Hugues Raguet

Hi In Community, I have built a flow that add products to an opportunity, named : TestOppy I want to launch the flow from an opportunity detail page via a menu Item. This menu item call the flow page where the flow component holds the TestOppy flow. I dont' succeed to pass the recordId parameter of the opportunity to the TestOppy flow, and I get an error in the item menu with the url of the flow. Did not find an easy explanation in Trailblazer. Help welcomed ! More

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Joe Farrar

Me again! Another question I had, which I raised on the latest series of webinars, I want to create a weekly / monthly digest of trending topics for external users of my community, I was told I can do this via the custom object route, has anyone successfully done this? Thanks again Joe :) More

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Blake Markham

New User Audience Hello! We'd like to direct our NEW client users to a different experience within our community. Example: Users less than 7 days from their created date would see a custom New User page rather than the standard home page that users over 7 days of their created date see. And that new user page still accessible to them and others for refreshers, etc. Audience: I know you can create audiences by CRM fields but it doesn't look like User >Created Date is available. Would it be correct to assume that because CreatedDate is a system field, I'd need to create a custom formula field to pull in the created date? And will that new custom field be available to select in Audience Builder? Page Variation: Is it possible for a Page Variation to point to an existing custom page? Or will we have to duplicate a home page variation or components of our custom page? Thanks! More

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Joe Farrar

Hello all! Firstly thank you for the webinars over the last few weeks, these were brilliant and have really helped me understand Salesforce communities that bit better. I do have a question and hope one of the many experts within this community can help me. Basically, our analytics dashboard seems to show every person that is within our Salesforce database as a user for our community, when looking at new members this makes it rather difficult to differentiate from the users who have signed up to use the community and users who have been added to our Salesforce an example of this would be a contact or someone who has raised a support case with us. What we want to achieve is a filter to only show us who has signed up for our community specifically, so we can see who is new that day/week and welcome them. At the moment the only telling thing is if they have amassed some recognition points but of course, not all users post within their first days. I look forward to hearing from you Joe More

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Andy Jones

Hello everyone We're currently working on a new Customer Community for one of our territories using Community Cloud. We've roadmapped some work for sign on integration with our own bespoke identity platform, however this isn't expected to be delivered until the Autumn. In the meantime, we're looking at options around unauthenticated users and/or a migration path from Community Cloud users to our identity platform when this comes around. Does anyone have experience with fully 'open' unauthenticated customer communities using the SF moderation tools that they'd be happy to share? More

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