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Joe Farrar

Hello :) On our community, we have a groups section for users to make their own groups etc and I can see this is its own object (or so I think) I am looking to set up a totally different section for groups created by Internal / Admins that would not include the user-created groups, I basically want to keep them separate from each other. Do I need to create my own Object? Thanks Joe More

5 days ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Elise Fondots

Hi Everyone, I have created a community in my sandbox and I'm trying to figure out two things. I figure I would ask here before putting in a case. Case comments: On the community if the comments are too large, the customer can't see all of them. They also can't 'hover' over them like we can in SFDC. Any ideas?? Surveys: We are using the Salesforce surveys. We want to send out a survey to a customer when the case is closed. I can't figure out how to create an external link so I can add it to the email to the customer. More

6 days ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Joe Farrar

Hi all :) I hope you are all well! I have a question that I think you may be able to help me with. Is there a way for me to send a private message within the community environment to all of my community users? I look forward to your replies. Joe More

7 days ago · 0 comments · 0 likes

David Klein

I am looking to leverage discussions in a new community. I am trying to understand the differences between creating groups in the community vs. creating topic detail pages with a feed item that shares to that topic. As someone relatively new to community cloud I'm hoping to gain some clarity on when and why to use one solution over the other. Thanks for your help. More

7 days ago · 0 comments · 2 likes

Cheryl Croshaw - Logue

Help! We are in the final stages of building our first Customer Community Forum. Our consultant partner designed so that Customers will request registration and get a "log-in" license using the Contact object record. If the contact does not exist in SFDC then the Contact will land on a TEMP Account. Our Marketing department HATES this, because we are creating a Contact for a person that may already be a lead. And someone will need to manage the TEMP Account to reassign new Contacts to existing Accounts. Any ideas how to get some of this automated? Is this the standard set up? Thanks! More

14 days ago · 5 comments · 0 likes