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Leah Johnson

Wouldn't it be great if chatter email notifications included any images that were inserted into the post instead of showing a blocked image? There's an idea on the idea exchange, please upvote! More

1 month ago · 1 comments · 2 likes

Stéphane Demaison

Hello @Debra Stamos , do you know the impact on chatter with the take-over of Slack ? Do you think Slack will be completely integrated inside Sales Cloud and replace Chatter ? Best regards. More

1 month ago · 2 comments · 2 likes

Erika Finbraaten

Hi! I am working on a glossary for the system that we have in development for the city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department (Planning, Development, Inspections, Historic Preservation, Code Enforcement, Licensing, etc.), which we call SHAPE PHX. I know what Chatter is, and what it does, but how do I distill that into a concise definition for a glossary. Does anyone out there on the Trailhead have a definition that they have used that I could borrow? More

1 month ago · 3 comments · 1 likes

Cameron Maier

Hello! This probably sounds crazy but I thought I would ask to see if anyone has any ideas or have implemented something similar. We have sales reps that chatter what we call our deal desk when they have questions around opportunities or quotes. So they simply @(The deal desk user) and ask a question. Our deal desk gets roughly 900 chatters a month over 3 users. Definitely a lot to manage! Is it possible to lets say, within chatter, imbed a PDF of like FAQ's? So almost something along the lines of, "Before you chatter the deal desk, maybe your question can be answered here?!" I know we have the ability with lightning record pages to have a component with the same verbiage and a link, but I was wondering if we could do anything within the chatter tab itself on the record. Thanks for any insight! Cameron More

2 months ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Kathy O'Connell

Is there a way to create custom Chatter Groups list view? More

3 months ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

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