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Yamile Pacheco Cueva

Unable to Post in Chatter Group Chatter Publisher does not show the option to publish within a group. I do get the chatter actions to post, question, and poll when the "Type" in the app builder is set to "Global" but that does not post to the group's chatter feed but to "My Followers". Nothing shows in the feed and the chatter publisher is blank. When I try it on a trailhead playground it shows the Chatter component with both publisher and feed. When I use the Chatter component for the group in my org it only shows the feed. How can I show the chatter publisher and feed in a group so users can post directly in the group? I posted screenshots in my original post here: More

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ffbld Firefly

Hi, We had posted this question on: and got a suggestion to post the same here incase we received no response, so we are posting the same query here. We are using the chatter API to create a file. According to the Documentation (, parentFolderId should contain the ID of the containing folder. To create a folder we are using Folder API ( From POST call to /services/data/v51.0/connect/folders/root/items we get the Folder ID in the "id" property like: 07H5g000000Pgm3XXX While creating a file we passed 07H5g000000Pgm3XXX in parentFolderId property but in the response the value for parentFolder is 07H5g000000PffDYYY We observed 07H5g000000PffDYYY was the folder ID for root. We cannot see folders on the UI. Can someone please help us if we are missing some configuration or we are doing something incorrectly? We are using 51.0 API version of chatter API. Thanks. More

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Saranda-Lola Hoxha

Hey there, Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe! I'm looking to create a dashboard that shows > conditional pacing, tracking vs budget, forecast pipeline vs budget. I have included an excel format what i would like the dashboard to show but need some expert advise of how to setup on salesforce, filter and will it update in real time when refreshed or will i need to update manually? More

10 days ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Ionuț Buzatu

Hi all ! I created a aura component where I use forceChatter:feed. My issue is related of the 'search' , the search doesn't work how I expected . This is the error which I received when I try to use search : 'Sorry! We encountered an unexpected error. Please try reloading the page. If the error persists, contact customer support.' I want to mention that I am in the sandbox and this component is added on the community page sites. I don't have error in the log or in the console from browser. Has anyone an idea or which is the problem? Thanks! More

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Krishh Lohar

12es More

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