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Katrina Gate

Hi all I'm currently implementing a new process for a team that is on the edge of our SF usage reach. They interact frequently with non-SF internal users and I'm contemplating using Chatter to bring their interactions into the application. I'm wondering what your experiences are of rolling out Chatter to non-SF users - and weaning people off emails! We currently don't use Chatter at all, and I'll need to really sell it internally to change current email-based workflow. Many thanks Katrina More

11 days ago · 5 comments · 2 likes

Orchay Naeh

Hi all, i was hope i can find the answer here :) when creating collaboration group/chatter group, we receive a post that informs us about creation of a new chatter group in the general chatter. however a trigger on feeditem can't catch it or just wont reflect it in the trigger context, is there another way to catch it? (1) . Another question: Can we reflect members that join or quite the a chatter group via configuration only? without using apex to post a feed item from flows/async triggers on collaborationgroup/collaborationgroupmember ( they cause mix DML when are synchronic ) Thanks Naeh Orchay More

19 days ago · 0 comments · 0 likes

Sunil Neurgaonkar

⭐️ [Live Webinar] Salesforce Adoption and Migration Masterclass with @Kelly Walker ⭐️ Are you facing issues with Salesforce Adoption or Migration? Are you curious about the best practices and tools used by the top companies in their Salesforce implementation? Then, this is a must-watch session for you. Date - Wednesday, July 15, 2020 Time - 11 AM ET | 3 PM GMT More

2 months ago · 2 comments · 2 likes

Sierra Dommin

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to change and add the types of records that can be linked-to in Chatter via the "/". Can anyone guide me as to how to do that? Thank you! Sierra More

2 months ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

Xavier Théodoloz

Hi all - today there is no standard functionality to auto follow records based on criteria. There's an idea for this: If found 2 apps that seem to partially cover this (Chatrules and ChattoMate) but would like to hear from the community if there are alternative options Thanks! More

2 months ago · 0 comments · 0 likes

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