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Bryan Land

I'm having an issue with the Flow Datagrid Pack from @Salesforce Labs. I've been using the datatable in my flows for a while now and in a recent iteration of one of my flows where I started displaying a list of the 10 most recent cases, my users are getting a strange error sporadically: Message: Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Unexpected token in JSON at position 159] Callback failed: apex://FDGPack.GilmoreLabs_FlowDataGridController/ACTION$getDataString Component Descriptor: markup://FDGPack:GilmoreLabs_FlowDataGrid File Name: https://{mydomain} Stack Trace: Object.eval()@https://{mydomain} My suspicion is that something in one of the fields I'm pulling into the list. Here are the fields I'm displaying on the datatable: - CaseNumber - CreatedDate - Subject - Reason - Status Keep in mind it does not happen in all situations, only when pulling in certain cases. Can anyone please help me? More

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Front Spin

@All About AppExchange Hi There, Please note we have installed a Unsubscribe Link package ( in SFDC sandbox which allows constituents a way to unsubscribe from email sent from Salesforce. Include an easy way for recipients to unsubscribe from commercial email sent through Salesforce. By clicking the link, all contacts and leads with the relevant email address will be checked "Email Opt Out." But we are not able to use it in our emails, we need your help/assistance to get it done. Please provide your valuable guidance/suggestions how we can use it in our emails. Thanks, Parag Tyagi #Unsubscribe #[Email Opt Outs] More

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Robert Perkins

Activity (Tasks & Components) components by Webider. This app has made my life so much easier as s an admin. Highly recommend you guys check it out for your organization as it has for my company and users! @All About AppExchange #Webider #TasksComponent #EventsComponent More

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Irene Hu

Get started faster with free apps, components, and flows from AppExchange! Easily find free, customizable, customer-recommended apps to help you solve common pain points, with this newly launched Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide. Organized by common business challenges, just simply scroll to find the department and pain point that best match your needs to see some recommended apps. Once you find an app (or a few) that interest you, click on the listing to learn more and install it. Never heard of Salesforce Labs? Learn more: Looking for more free solutions? Explore more Labs apps: More

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Jeff Schaumburg

I am new to Universal Tagging. Is it possible to automatically tag a record with a process builder or with a flow that happens after I update a record? More

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