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Amanda Nelson

At 11am PT/2pm ET today (~40 minutes) join us for a Twitter Chat about AppExchange apps with Salesforce MVPs. Just head to Twitter and follow #Appy. Then, join in the fun! More

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Amanda Nelson

Tomorrow is #Appy's 4th birthday! To celebrate, share your favorite AppExchange app here or on Twitter! click to tweet (and update!): retweet: More

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Andrea Kofsky

Hi! New to this group and Salesforce admin, but I am working on installing DocuSign into my Salesforce environment. I have docusign business right now (so not docusign gen / collab / negotiation) - I am attempting to place merge fields in an envelope template and each time I place a field in the document I receive an error "Save Error: Some fields might be out of sync. Unable to connect to the service. Failed to connect to the salesforce service." - any insight into what may cause this? Is this just an issue of the type of docusign account I have? Do I need Gen to use this feature? More

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Scott Strong

Can Lightning Buddy be used within an Experience site? I love it so far and have it working lovely in my org, but i'd like to use it within an Employee Experience site too (on an Object Detail Page) - is this possible? Note: I've added both “BreadCrumbListener” and “LightningBuddy” components to the community layout but doesn't seem to work, More

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Bryan Land

I'm having an issue with the Flow Datagrid Pack from @Salesforce Labs. I've been using the datatable in my flows for a while now and in a recent iteration of one of my flows where I started displaying a list of the 10 most recent cases, my users are getting a strange error sporadically: Message: Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Unexpected token in JSON at position 159] Callback failed: apex://FDGPack.GilmoreLabs_FlowDataGridController/ACTION$getDataString Component Descriptor: markup://FDGPack:GilmoreLabs_FlowDataGrid File Name: https://{mydomain} Stack Trace: Object.eval()@https://{mydomain} My suspicion is that something in one of the fields I'm pulling into the list. Here are the fields I'm displaying on the datatable: - CaseNumber - CreatedDate - Subject - Reason - Status Keep in mind it does not happen in all situations, only when pulling in certain cases. Can anyone please help me? More

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