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Wayne Crewe

Hi Trailblazers Gen25 is a leading technology partner and independent software vendor which has developed a number of apps that may be of particularly relevance to organisations trying to find new solutions as we all adjust to our own new normal. - Booker25 is a flexible online booking platform for managing any kind of booking, reservation, appointment or schedule. - Social25 is a social direct messaging solution that centralises all your service, sales and marketing conversations irrespective of your clients social media platform. - Subscription25 can manage and generate invoices from recurring contracts, orders and subscriptions. These apps have many use-cases and we will be happy to discuss your specific use-case with you if you are still looking for an industry leading solution to a current problem. More

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Dawn Perugi

👩💻 We are all working from home as much as we can. But a change of scenery and seeing our colleagues every once in a while is great for our motivation and mental health! 🙋♂️ That is why giving your people the opportunity to switch it up and work at the office remains important for many employers. 📅 Check out the Booker25 solution for safely returning back to the office, you also find us in the App Exchange - or drop me a line with any questions. More

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Kristen Aldrich

I'm hoping to find a good resource comparing credit card processors for nonprofits. We currently use Click & Pledge and have reviewed Classy in moderate depth. I'm struggling to find good resources comparing products specifically geared toward nonprofits that integrate with Salesforce. I searched "nonprofit credit card processing" in the Appexchange and am exploring the results. Any other thoughts or ideas are very welcome! And if there is an existing thread about this topic, I'd love to be pointed to it and apologies for the redundancy! (I'll also cross post to Power Of Us Hub) Thanks! @Nonprofits Using Salesforce More

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VPC Admin

Activity (Tasks & Events) Component by Webrider is a very useful component that have been adopted easily and our users use it daily without any issues. The presentation it provides for Activities and Events is very intuitive and easy to look at. @All About AppExchange #Webider #TasksComponent #EventsComponent More

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Danielle Baxter

Interested in building out word clouds for marketing/sales activities. Does anyone have experience or know of any solutions to be able to create word clouds to track the content of sales activities? More

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