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Thorsten Maier-Avignon

Hi all, I am reading through the small amount of documentation related to publishing extension packages to a managed package. One thing I am struggling with is the required version of the base package. Let's assume I have base package A and a respective extension package B. When creating version B.1 it references version A.5. This means, that installation of B.1 to any client org requires A.5 being installed there first. What if I increase base package version to A.6 but I do not update the extension. Will a client be able to install B.1 with A.6 installed in his org? Basically this all goes back to the question: how can I manage different release cycles for base and extension package. e.g. base is published with higher frequency or extension is published with higher frequency. Any documents you can direct me to, or any experience you can share is highly appreciated. Thanks, Thorsten More

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Fabio Magalhaes

Hello Trailblazers I was wondering if Salesforce has a two way appointment booking system. For example the client can check live my sales reps availability and my sales reps can send appointment request to the clients? This would be for Sales Cloud. If so, would it be possible to use video conferencing? Thank you, Fabio More

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Johannes Verelst

Hello trailblazers! Over the past months, I have been working on building a web-based tool that allows you to directly import Excel files into Salesforce, much like but without the need to first convert your files to CSV. It has many other features, like extensive data validation rules and automated lookups. The main concept is that the Salesforce Admin creates a mapping that defines: - How are columns in the Excel file mapped to Salesforce objects and fields - Which users are allowed to perform this upload So if you are an admin looking for a tool to allow your business users to upload data with zero technical knowledge, I would like you to invite you to join my beta program. There still might be some bugs, so I appreciate all feedback! If you are interested, feel free to join here: Kind regards and have a wonderful day, Johannes More

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Reed Hummell

Our theatre is in the process of creating a virtual gala in early December. Is PM offering streaming video through the platform, or will I need to include a link to another service as part of the transaction receipt? Thanks! More

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Scott Landes

Hello, I have a bug on a SalesforceLabs AppExchange app called "Enhanced Lightning Grid" that my company is very interested in fixing. I've posted a comment on the issue on their Github, but it seems like this hasn't been looked at in years. This bug is causing quite a few headaches in my organization and there isn't much I can do. Is there any type of support for SalesforceLabs or is there a better place I can go to get assistance? The main issue we are running into is that the multi-select feature does not clear the ID's from the previously selected records. So we have some cases where things are trying to get deleted when they are already deleted or cases where things are getting added multiple times when they shouldn't be. Any guidance would be super appreciated! Here's the App: More

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