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The purpose of this group is to ask questions, exchange experiences and best practices using Pardot and its integration with Salesforce CRM.

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Kotomi Gojo

Hi, Have you ever been updated Salesforce-Pardot connector written in this page? I read this article but cannot think of any risks. If you faced problems by updating this, could you tell me about that? Thanks. More

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Cari Aves

Have you heard that Pardot is launching a brand new email build and send experience this October as part of the Winter '21 release? If you are interested in learning more join us for a deep dive webinar where we'll dig into the details around setup, content building, reporting and more! Winter '21 Release Overview - Pardot October 28, 2020 at 10:00 am Pacific Time Note: the webinar will be recorded for those who aren't able to attend at this time More

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Martin Farrell

Sup y'all. I have a legacy landing page that is firing conversion. I think it's on the web, because it's still firing reguarly and I can't see how else prospects could be finding it. I am trying to sleuth where it is from the prospect records, but when I hit the visitor links: it takes me to landing page itself. Any super users know a trick to tracking down where a landing page is being used on the web? Until then I will be slogging through prospect records: likely finding zero. More

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Jamie George

Hi Pardot Users, We want to send out an email to a new set of contacts each week. The email content will be exactly the same each week, but the contact list will be different. What is the best way to automate this process? Through Engagement Studio? Just a little background info... the list will have to be imported in to Pardot each week because it is being pulled from another tool within our company that is NOT connected to Pardot. I am trying to figure out the most "hands off" way of going about this. More

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Mark Pieter

#AskaPardotExpert Two questions: 1 - My Pardot org is about 5 years old, and I think it's long overdue to update my DKIM key. (1)Can I do that, and how? (2)Is this DKIM key different than the SF DKIM key? I know SF and Pardot are moving closer and closer together, so want to make sure these are still separate. 2 - We are finally getting our long overdue selves around to a serious social media effort. I know that Pardot has Social Media features built in. Where can I go for great really detailed resources on how to use Pardot's social features? Looking for examples as well. I'm very SF experienced, but very new to social media. Thank you More

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