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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! Salesforce for iOS & Android can make your business more efficient, your users more engaged, and you a more productive manager, admin and end user.

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Vitaliy Chaykovskiy

📣📱ATTENTION: Salesforce for Android v228.010 (Winter ‘21) Now Available📱📣 Salesforce for Android v228.010 is now available on the Google Play Store What’s new in Salesforce v228.010 for Android: We update the Salesforce mobile app regularly to make it faster and more stable for you. This version includes bug fixes and performance improvements. How can I get more information? For more information, please refer to the Winter ‘21 release notes here ( More

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Kelsea Slater

Good morning! I'm stuck and need some help! I have two pages on my Lightning App - one is a true Home Page and one is an App Page. I want the Home Page to appear on desktop navigation (works) and the App Page to appear on Mobile Navigation (works), but I don't want the App Page to appear on desktop navigation (doesn't work). The Home Page does not appear on Mobile Navigation because Home Pages aren't compatible with the SF Mobile App, so in order to give our Users a home page within the Mobile App, we created the separate app page. So the Mobile App Navigation looks exactly like I want it to - it only shows the App Page; however, desktop navigation shows BOTH pages. This is not desired. It doesn't appear that I can only show this App Page's tab on the Mobile App Navigation and not on desktop navigation. **I do not use the Mobile Only setting in the Mobile App, so I cannot use the separate Mobile Navigation menu** We actually have Lightning Apps assigned to our Users by default so that we can control which App they use. I'm stumped - I feel like this should be simple configuration. I opened a case with Salesforce Support and that isn't gaining any traction. I need a solution sooner, rather than later, so I'm branching out here :) Misc. Things I've also tried: - Hiding the tab through Profiles - Adding a device filter to all the components on the App Page I'm also looking into session based permission sets, but I'm not sure how to assign the permission set based on a mobile session. More

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Stefanie Schröder

Hello all, I hope you can help me. We are working with the Salesforce Mobile App and weeks ago we implemented a map from Salesforce Maps within the Account. In the desktop version the map shows perfectly. We also added it for the mobile version and when we look at the mobile version via desktop it shows alright as you can see in the attached screenprint. However, it does not show in the mobile app itself. Neither in iOS nor in the Android version of the app and we have no clue why. For the test I just updatet the apps to their latest version. However, it also did not show with the older version a few weeks ago. Does anyone of you have an idea that will help us a little further? Ideas are highly welcome and your help is appreciated. More

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Farinaz H

Hello We have a user who recently updated their Mobile and they are no longer able to open their approval links via Salesforce1 App. He clicks on the approval link on Outlook app and the link opens in a browser. They did not update the App just their phone. What could be the reason for this? More

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Ronald Cazorla

Hi, What will happen if two people using the Salesforce mobile app, go offline and update the same record? will the app implement some sort of "a last one in wins" mechanism? Many Thanks, More

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