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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! Salesforce for iOS & Android can make your business more efficient, your users more engaged, and you a more productive manager, admin and end user.

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Trying to attach a photo from Salesforce Mobile App on iPhone using the Lightning File Upload button and the button doesn't seem to be uploading the file. Is there any special configuration needed to make it work? Apologize if this was already answered but I couldn't find the answer. Thanks. More

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Kelsea Slater

How could the Mobile User checkbox be getting unchecked without a System Admin performing the action? More

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Rakesh Kumar

I am getting the error on my iPad- Some thing went wrong. Force close the app then open the app again. If that doesn’t work, ask your admin for help. Can you please help? More

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誠太郎 迫田

I wish some Mobile hero help me. I have a lightning component with "lightning-container" to open my html/js app in an iframe. The app needs to access to camera/microphone by using navigator.mediaDevices. This works with browsers on PC or mobile. However, it doesn't work on Salesforce1 mobile app (iOS). navigator.mediaDevices returns "undefined". Doesn Salesforce1 provide navigator.mediaDevices access to javascript app in lightning? * I was thinking letting users use mobile browser to open the app, but salesforce stop supporting mobile web experience... More

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Vitaliy Chaykovskiy

📣📱ATTENTION: Salesforce for iOS and Android v224.080 (Spring ‘20) Now Available📱📣 Salesforce for iOS and Android v224.080 is now available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store respectively What’s new in Salesforce v224.080 for iOS and Android: We update the Salesforce mobile app regularly to make it faster and more stable for you. This version includes bug fixes and performance improvements. How can I get more information? For more information, please refer to the Spring ‘20 release notes here ( More

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