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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Øyvind Rotnes

Does anyone know if there is a wrapper of the MobilePush SDK for Flutter? More

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Jose Arrias

Hello! I start working recently with Marketing Cloud and we have this upcoming journey for the last days of Black Friday week (specially Sunday). We have created filtered data bases targeted to the following subscribers: People who have opened at least 1 email from our Black Friday week campaign, but have not purchased anything. We are targeting different countries for this. Here is example of the filters that have been added (I won't put the real data due to confidentiality): - Contactibility__c is true - MailingCountryCode equals to GB (Great Britain) - Source_Campaign__c is not equal to XXXX (This was added since we dont want to send multiple emails in a short time period to the accounts that came from a campaign we just did) - Lifetime_Brand__c contains BrandName - Lifetime_Brand__ is empty (we though we could add this since our subscribers can belong to multiple of our brands, but also if the other fields are empty that is ok too. Or is it enough to just include "contains BrandName" as showed above?) - Opened Message after 26.11.2020 is greater or equal to 1: We want to target the people who have opened an email during the weekend (starting today November 27th) at least once -Last_Shopped_Date__c is empty - Last_Shopped_Date__c is before 11/27/2020: As mentioned, we want to target people who have not purchased anything before Black Friday weekend, so this and the above shown seems like the right way for us to filter it) Do you think these filters are enough or am I forgetting something that I haven't noticed? Thank you so much in advance! #marketingcloud #Dataextensions More

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Aram Jeong

Hi all, I implemented MC Connect, and found a custom object named "et4ae5__Journey__c" in Sales Cloud but have no idea when a record is created in that object and how to benefit from that. I expected if a journey has a Campaign-related activity like "add campaign members." But there's no record. Because I really want to link a journey with a campaign freely, I need a table that has a campaign ID as well as a journey ID, and I wish this table would be the one. Is there any clear document about this? Thanks! More

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Robert Wynter

Hello all, Looking for a suggestion on using the Sales Cloud (Events and Campaign objects) to build out an appointment booking journey. My current setup does not allow for multiple registrations by the same campaign member (CM) as CM only holds one record per subscriber. My current step is: - Recruiters add available times in SC Calendar. - Using Formassembly (FA) to display available dates then register for the event - FA submits to Leads/Contacts based on if they exist in SC and also add the sub to one Campaign "Appointment Bookings" - Journey Builder (JB) connection to Campaign "Appointment Bookings". Sends out the emails. More

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Tricia Strong

Hi everyone! I have a question regarding deduplication of transactional email sends in a journey. My journey is using an "Events" DE as the journey's entry event. This DE contains customer reservations for events that they have booked. Some customers may have multiple records in this DE if they have booked multiple events. When I turned on my journey, those customers received multiple emails even though I have the Contact Entry setting to "No re-entry." How can I get this journey to only send one email per customer? My subscriber key is the Salesforce Contact ID. Thanks for your help! More

3 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

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