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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Ajay Rohera

In SF, there are 'event' in a contact's record (screenshot attached). The 'event' is created manually upon fulfilling a particular requirement. In MC, we have synced both 'contacts' and 'event'. Now using journey builder, we want to send email based on 'event', however there is no 'email' field in 'event' (email is there in the 'contact'). Although these two things (event and contact) are related (as the event is for a contact only), there is no relation between them in MC (both are separate DE). How can we link these two objects in MC so that we can send email to a contact based on some 'event'. #MCAskAnExpert More

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Amit Joshi

From last few days we are exploring Mobile Connect to send 2 way SMS from Marketing Cloud. We are trying to create a survey containing 2-3 SMS capturing 'Yes/ No' response and a free-text response. We tried using the templates in Mobile Connect like Vote/ Survey, Text response, Info capture etc. But we are not able to implement the survey where the next message should be sent based on the response to the first question. For example, if the contact replies with a NO to the first message, s/he should not get the next SMS. But if responds with a Yes, will get the next message in real-time. We did not find a way to do this using features available in Mobile Studio. Does anyone know how to do this using OOTB features of Mobile Studio? Or does it need a custom solution? @Michael O'Connor More

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Pradeep Tiwari

Hello, Can we capture source (Ad platform - Facebook/Google Ads/LinkedIn Ads.) where cloudpage is shared as Ad and use this source details to personalized content on cloudpage at run time. (ie. capturing utm parameters from Ad platform and personalizing content in couldpage to show different content once user clicks on cloudpage link). Thanks, Pradeep Tiwari More

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Benoit Raymond

Hi, I am looking for a Template that would include all (or most) of the configurable items in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The list would be organized by different studios (Email, Automation, ...) so it would allow me to identify rapidly what needs to be done when we onboard a new client. Does anyone have something similar to what I am talking about ? Happy to discuss it further. Thanks Benoit More

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Dee Surico

Hi. We need to add DKIM to a subdomain hosted by Salesforce for MC. Does Salesforce need to add it or can we? Any help with this would be great! Also, we are adding a DMARC policy, should we add it to the parent, or is a subdomain AOK to add it to? Thank you!!! Dee More

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