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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Rachid Mamai

Ever wanted a way to check all your automations runtimes and frequencies on one page? Use two undocumented REST API endpoints to create a dashboard with the look and feel of Lightning Experience in a Marketing Cloud CloudPage. More

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Guduli Das Mohapatra

Hello Everyone . I have created one intercative email which consists of 15 questions.I have triggered that email and Gmail clips the message. What should i do to avoid this ? More

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Sabrina Mushnick

Hi everyone, I am having some issues with emails that are sent to outlook users. I will use a salesforce email template, and auto fit, and when sent to someones outlook, the image is huge! I have tried to fix the problem but it seems like there is no solution. Any help is appreciated!!! More

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Aditya Gollakota

Hi All, I've been trying to use WSProxy to dynamically update publication lists in multiple child BU's using an SSJS activity in an Automation. I've noticed very strange behaviour where the script executes successfully and I'm getting a successful response from the WSProxy API, however the subscriber isn't getting updated in the corresponding Publication List. In my real automation, I populate a DE with the details of the subscribers who need to be resubscribed and use the DE data as my source for the script activity Sample code below: <script runat="server"> Platform.Load("core", "1.1"); var api = new Script.Util.WSProxy(); var buId = nnnnnn; var listId = llllll; api.setClientId({"ID": buId}); var options = { SaveOptions: [{ PropertyName: "*", SaveAction: "UpdateAdd" }] }; try { var sub = { SubscriberKey: "SubKey1", EmailAddress: "", Lists: [{ ID: listId, Status: "Active" }] }; var resp = api.createItem("Subscriber", sub, options); Write(Stringify(resp)); } catch(e) { Write(Stringify(e)); } api.resetClientIds(); </script> Has anyone else noticed this behaviour in their environment? I will be raising a case with SF as well, but hopefully someone here has a solution/workaround. #MCExperts #MCDeveloper #wsproxy, #ssjs, #[SSJS Script] , #[Marketing Cloud Publication Lists] @Andrew Ormerod @Ned Atanasovski More

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Guilda Hilaire

🔩🔩 New Live Webinar: Deep Dive into Transactional Messaging 🔩🔩 Transactional messages are a key foundational piece to every marketing campaigns. This Thursday (12/3) we will dispel two common myths: Transactional messages are low value and not a part of an overall marketing strategy, and secondly, they are complicated to manage and monitor. At the end of the session, you will see how Transactional Messages are an important component interwoven with a brand's marketing, and see how it's easy to get set up and deploy your first transactional messages with Marketing Cloud. You will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by our experts! Date 🗓: December 3rd Time: ⏰: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST Registration link ✍️: More

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