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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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hello, Could you give some examples/reasons of "Not sent" in analytics of Journey Builder (cf screenschot) ? thanks #MCAskAnExpert More

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Hello, I built a report based on "Blank Template for Email Sending Performance" and I was wondering what is "Campaign Name" (cf screenshot). It seems to be linked to "Campaigns" So I have 2 questions : 1/ where does "Campaign name" come from ? When I linked a "campaigns" to my email content ? 2/ can we add a "campaigns" for a journey ? or is it only for content like email ? => I think in my report, a journey name is missing to well identify the journey linked to the Email names... is there a way to have a field enabling to identify the journey ? Thanks #MCAskAnExpert More

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Karen Mathieu

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Upcoming EMEA Marketing Cloud Live Webinars ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 23rd of September: Advertising Studio Accelerator Webinar 24rd of September: Email Studio: Building, Testing + Sending Email Accelerator Webinar 24rd of September: Ask an Expert in French 1st of October: Social Studio Accelerator Webinar 7th of October: Journey Builder: Journey Strategy 7th of October: Ask a Social Studio Expert 8th of October: Admin + Deliverability Accelerator Webinar 8th of October: Social Studio: Social Listening Webinar 8th of October: Ask an Expert in French 13th of October: Marketing Cloud Connect Overview 15th of October: Data and Segmentation Basics Accelerator Webinar 15th of October: Email Reporting Basics Accelerator Webinar 📢 LIVE Q&A 📢 During the webinar you have the chance to ask any topic-related questions to our MC Experts! AFTER attending the webinar PREMIER CUSTOMERS can sign up for a 1:1 follow up to ask any further in-depth questions. 🚀 💎 Register for the latest MC Webinars on our Events Calendar (link is provided below) 💎 The EMEA MC Success Guides are looking forward to providing you with the best practice recommendations during one of our next Webinars! Need more details on the content of the webinar? 🤓 Visit our Accelerator Library >> click on the specific Webinar >> get an in-depth insight into the topics covered This content is a preview of a More

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Darryl Brown

Do you have questions about the Marketing Cloud or questions about some of its features? Join us Today at 11:00am ET for the MC Ask An Expert Office Hours Live Add All of your Questions Here by creating a new post Whether you are getting started in the application or have already adopted it, post any questions you have about the MC and add them here during the Webinar. Request to see a Demo of the apps and also learn from the questions your Marketing Cloud peers are asking, see you there. Also add #MCAskAnExpert to identify those on the call. Register below; 🎉 Audience Studio Customer? 🎉 On September 28th join us for a special edition of Marketing Cloud Ask The Expert where we welcome our Audience Studio (DMP) experts to our Monday Ask an Expert - Register here for this upcoming session: on September 28th! More

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Julio Cesar De Melo

Hi All, Does anybody know if it's possible to block some whatsapp numbers (unwanted contacts) when it's connected with Marketing Cloud? Thanks! More

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