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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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valerie nguyen

Hi All, in Marketing clouds, I have synchronized data extension ( objects from sales clouds) and data extensions. i need to connect some of the object in synchronized data extension to another data extension. I am using Automation Studio / Create Activity ; then SQL query. it only show the data extensions as a source, not synchronized data extension for some reason. my question are : do i in the right track to create a relationship between data extension and synchronized data extension ? if not, what steps should i do to achieve this ? thanks in advance More

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Megan Reynolds

NEXT WEEK: How-To Put 25% of your Budget Back to Work this Holiday Season Wednesday, July 15 | 9am PT/12pm ET, 90 mins This session is focused on using the power of Marketing Cloud to effectively drive ROI, get 80% of your time back and help put 25% of your budget back to work this holiday season. Join Hall of Fame Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Founder of Convince & Convert, Jay Baer as he shares ways you can win this holiday season. 👉 Register here: Master your Marketing is a virtual workshop series dedicated to educating and expanding the skills of marketers everywhere. Join us for an hour of expert-led education, best practices, and fun...after all, this is Salesforce. > Explore the series and register for workshops at More

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Bhavin Patel

🔆 Introducing 🔆 How to use Parameter Manager within the Marketing Cloud Setup to view and edit tracking parameters used for your Web Analytics Connector (WAC) and Google Analytics 360 integrations for each of your Business Units. Download now to learn more ⬇️ More

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Gabriel Moreno

Estimada comunidad de LATAM les comparto la lista de cursos que estamos organizando en ISDI de manera online sobre diversas nubes el cual estamos a sus ordenes para apoyarlos en su formación . Mas información de los próximos cursos : Contacto : More

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Chris Jacob

State of Marketing, 6th Edition, 2020 Overview and Assets The State of Marketing research report, that surveyed almost 7,000 marketing leaders who are leading through change, all over the world (29 countries plus Hong Kong), across all major industries, across B2C/B2B/B2B2C, and all sizes of companies to again get their pulse of what is going on within their organizations and teams, with their technology and data, and their tactics to achieve marketing performance and business stability. GLOBAL ASSETS: - Landing Page: - Blog Overview: - On Demand Webinar: - Tableau Interactive Dashboards: Industries -, Countries -, Regions - - Podcast Overviews:- Marketing Cloudcast: - Marketing Trends with Wells Fargo CMO: - Salesforce Live - Episode 1 on July 16, 2020: There were 4 key macro trends that we uncovered; - Innovation: Marketing leaders globally stated this is their no.1 priority this year and while the focus of their innovation may evolve to new realities, it is still crucial to adapt the customer experience. With 79% of marketers reporting they are leading customer experience initiatives across their companies, they play an important role. - Marketing Team & Technology: Marketing Transformation Takes On New Urgency - Currently 72% of marketers say they are aligned with IT, but in other Salesforce research IT leaders rank insufficient business unit alignment as a top challenge. Within the marketing department, 53% of marketers report dynamic cross-channel coordination, which is up from 31% in 2018. - Data & Intelligence: Customer Data Sets the Stage for Empathetic Marketing - The scale of data usage continues to rise. From 2019 to 2021 there is an expected 50% growth in data sources used my marketers. AI is a core driver of personalization at scale using this data. There has been a 186% growth rate in marketers adoption of AI since 2018. However only 28% of marketers are completely satisfied with their ability to balance personalization with customer comfort levels - Channels & Analytics: Marketers Double Down on Business Value - Currently 72% of high performing marketers can analyze performance in real-time versus only 49% of under performers. Additionally 82% of high performing marketers say B2B and B2C tactics are converging, with tactics and programs like Account-Based Marketing and Influencer Marketing increasing in prominence in the marketing budget and business ROI value. There are country level insights in the report and data sheets (linked) for; Australia & New Zealand (p.28), Belgium (p.29), Brazil (p.30), Canada (p.31), France (p.32), Germany (p.33), Hong Kong (p.34), India (p.35), Ireland (p.36), Israel (p.37), Italy (p.38), Japan (p.39), Mexico (p, 40), The Netherlands (p.41), Nordics - Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Finland (p.42), Philippines (p.43), Poland (p.44), Singapore (p.45), South Africa (p.46), South Korea (p.47), Spain (p.48), Switzerland (p.49), Thailand (p.50), UAE (p. 51), UK (p. 52), US (p.53) - note italicized countries are new to State of Marketing There are industry and company type level insights and data sheets (linked) for; Automotive (p. 55), Communications - now standalone (p.56), Consumer Goods - now standalone (p.57), Energy & Utilities (p.58), Financial Services (p.59), Government (p.60), Healthcare - now standalone (p.61), Life Sciences & Biotechnology - now standalone (p.62), Manufacturing (p.63), Media & Entertainment - now inc. Entertainment (p. 64), Nonprofit (p. 65), Retail - now standalone (p.66), Technology (p.67), Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (p.68), B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Enterprise, Mid Market, SMB - note italicized countries are new or modified in State of Marketing More

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