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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Virginia Dixon

Hi All, Wondering if anyone can advise on this scenario please: In Marketing Cloud, I would like to send an email to one subscriber (I know the subscriber key). I am trying to find the simplest way to do this so I can show some of our less experienced MC users how to do this. I found this article in the documentation which seems to be what I want to do: Simple Send, However, I do not seem to have the "Simple Send" option appear when I click the Send option. I am wondering if this feature was removed? I do not seem to be able to send an email without using a data extension as the target, when all I really want to do is select the one subscriber to send the email to. I don't really want to create loads of data extensions with only on subscriber in them. Does anyone have any ideas or advice? Many thanks Virginia More

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Jonny Shaw

Hello Trailblazers! - I've been using Marketing Cloud on and off since it started the name shift from ExactTarget. Back in those days I created some interactive Landing Pages which were able to display and update various Data Extensions in various ways for various reasons. A current project is looking for us to create a Custom Profile Center and that process sounded to me as a means of doing so using a similar combination of "HTML / CSS / BOOTSTRAP / AMPSCRIPT / JS". That noted, maybe there are easier ways to do this using today's CloudPages? I'm semi-adept in AMPscript though somewhat rusty. Simplest ask is any ideas where to get started learning about cloud pages? I didn't see anything concise on trailhead, maybe I missed it? I reviewed links to a Custom Profile Center and Web Connect which both appeared more complicated on the surface. Are there more visual UI tools available today to do this or different requirements for updating profile info than a standard DE? I apologize if this seems like to broad a question but just getting started on this and not sure the best direction to focus on. - thank you. More

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Kirsten Hansen

We have had three scheduled email sends that have either failed to send or the scheduled send disappeared. All three incidents occurred since the end of Sept, meaning recently, and as far as I know (I'm an admin, not a user), this has not happened before. Each incident occurred in a different BU by a different user on different days. Does the Job ID assigned at the time of scheduling carry over to the Tracking IDs once the email is sent? Or are the Job IDs different between scheduling and Tracking? Have you heard of this happening? Ideas for cause? #MCAskAnExpert More

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Gina Szafraniec

Is there anything special I can do to keep our Cloud Pages working after the latest Salesforce release? We have successfully used Cloud Pages with some Ampscript to update Contact and Lead records. Everything has worked just fine fine until now. We are getting a 500 error. The timing coincides with the latest release. #MCAskAnExpert More

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Amy Dolk

☁️ TODAY: Marketing Cloud Ask An Expert ☁️ Do you have questions about Marketing Cloud features and functionality? Join Amy today and Steve for our Friday Edition of MC Ask An Expert Office Hours Live from 1:30 - 2:30 PM ET! Whether you are brand new and just getting started or you are a Marketing Cloud Certified expert, we will be on the line to address your questions. All you have to do is post your question on the Marketing Cloud chatter group and tag it with #MCAskAnExpert, and we will do our best to answer your question during the call! This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered or learn from your peers as their questions are answered. Logistics: Please create a new post for each of your questions and include #MCAskAnExpert. Register Now: More

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