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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Brian Knoblauch

Hi! We've been in the process of migrating from Pardot over to Marketing Cloud for the last few months, but are still struggling with the setup. We're a split zone DNS configuration. Our external provider I was able to setup with DNS delegation for marketing cloud and that is working fine. However, internally we're a DNSSEC signed Microsoft AD/DNS environment and DNS delegation simply refuses to work. After many hours spent internally as well as on networking consultants it appears that that the marketing cloud DNS side can't be made to work as a delegation from DNSSEC zones. I dropped in a simple A record for testing after removing the delegation internally and that worked for a couple hours and then stopped. I presume the marketing cloud IPs are rotating or moving in some way? Is there any way I can configure this without doing DNS delegation? Or other solutions? Even if it's an ugly workaround it'd be fine for now as we're running out of time on Pardot and really need to move soon. More

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Alina Makarova

We know that trying to find data extensions or content in Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a little tricky when you only know part of the file name. If this resonates, then perhaps you’ll like our free SFMC rapid-search Chrome extension: <link> The search bar is completely integrated with the Marketing Cloud UI so it’s always immediately available. You can start searching and get the results in seconds. What can you search for? - ALL Content Builder objects - Email templates - Email messages - Content blocks: Dynamic content, buttons, code snippets, enhanced dynamic content, freeform content, external content, html, images, image carousels, layouts, social follows, social shares, text - Mobile app push notifications & mobile messages - Automations - Data extensions - Query activities - Classic emails - Classic email templates - Data filters - Search objects by both name and external key Find more information about the SFMC Quick Search Chrome extension, click here: More

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Sandy Upton

Hi everyone - We want to start sending a weekly email that lists out all upcoming events. The targeted data extension will be the same every time, but the content needs to be updated for each edition. I'd like for the email send to be automated, using a file drop automation to trigger the email send. The file drop would import the event names, dates, and registration links into a data extension, and then I want that event info to populate the content of the email. The sticking point is that I need to pull all rows from the event data extension into the email but the event data is not connected to subscriber data in any way. The targeted data extension and the email content data extension are totally separate. It seemed like I could use AMPscript to accomplish this, but it doesn't seemed to work since the data I need to populate the email content is not in a sendable data extension. Am I totally off base in trying to use AMPscript for this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! More

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Jay G

Hi, we get all of our Marketing Cloud records from the CRM. So they come in via the contact builder data sources and then get filtered out into the various DE's through automations. I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there with a similar setup and if so, how do you deal with deceased records that get updated in CRM, I know I can pass that field to MC, but then how are you handling that? How do you let MC know to not send to those records anymore? Thanks. More

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Al Lemieux

I am not receiving emails sent with preview and test. I'm not sure what the issue is. This is happening in multiple BUs. I've looked at the sender profiles and they look correct to me. Anything else I should be looking for? More

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