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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Patrick Downing

i'm looking for 3rd party online appointment/scheduling vendors that work well with the SFMC - any suggestions? Client is not looking to use the Service Cloud for this use case. Thanks! More

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Miroslav Polách

Hello! I would be super happy for your help regarding this issue: We are closely cooperting regarding our marketing campaigns with external agencies. I would like to ask how it could be done in Marketing Cloud that we will have some campaign that would include a step in which we would export a list of customers and content in html to send it to 3rd party (external agency) so they would be able to send fax or letter to them? Thank you very much in advance! BR, Mirek More

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Lars Östman

Hi, I Need some help! If I add a suppression list to an engagement studio drip program in Pardot after a first email being sent - will contacts on the suppression list be excluded from ie email #2 if the suppression list is added before email #2 goes out More

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Prasanna Sekar

How to import multiple files in a single import activity job in marketing cloud ? Hi All, Is it possible to to transfer & import multiple files using Marketing cloud SFTP . I tried importing data using file transfer & import activity , it is picking only 1 file . Can you please provide thoughts on how to pick & import multiple files from SFTP into marketing cloud DE . Once files are placed in SFTP , i need to run automation studio job to pick multiple files File Naming convention : Contact_Data_import_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.csv Files extracted within different timing needs to be imported in marketing cloud. contact_data_import_20200812_1138.csv contact_data_import_20200812_1100.csv contact_data_import_20200812_1000.csv contact_data_import_20200812_1500.csv Thanks! #MCAskAnExpert #[#AskMCExpert] #[Marketing Cloud] #[#MarketingCloud #Automation #SFTP] More

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Cameron Tait

*Handling RSVPs* Hey all - just wondering what cheap/free solutions are being used to handle event RSVPs? Newbie here so may be missing something obvious. Our common cases at the moment are large quantities of online activities with only small numbers of attendees (Youtube Live events, Zoom training). At the moment we use the following method which is OK but limited: Existing Contacts - Create Salesforce Campaign and add contacts - Use campaign as entry source in Journey Builder - Build multiple emails (invitation, thank you, reminder, follow up) - Configure emails to monitor click activity [RSVP Here], send to a generic thank you page and update CMember status - Typically send the final URL to the meeting the morning of, or an hour before the actual event. New Leads - Only difference is they are added to the campaign via FormTitan The limitations we are experiencing are: - cumbersome to set up with multiple emails and journey config slightly different for each event. - using click activity to track RSVPs is limited, especially with a generic Thank You page as you can't track multiple buttons with the same URL (session 1, session 2 etc) - recipient can't forward as the 'click to rsvp' only works for that email address. The FormTitan lead form partly deals with that as they can sign up as a new lead if we make that clear in the email. - we always get asked to handle the VERY last minute RSVPs, which is tricky in a journey (we send the link 30 mins before, but what if someone wants to RSVP 10 mins before?!) Really I'd love the ability for users to schedule their own events, track RSVPs and have less reliance on us building the journey and emails to support every single one. Hints??! TIA More

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