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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Michał Rzepka

Hello, I'm watching Marketing Cloud Consultant Fast Path recordings from June 2020 and the video is referencing following materials: - Contact/Journey Builder Fast Path - Connect Fast Path I can't find them neither online nor here. Can somebody provide me with the links? Maybe @Guilda Hilaire @Guilda Hilaire ? Thanks! More

2 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Esha Jones

Hi Follow up to the preference center. We have cloud pages for our subscription data. Is there anyway to find where this is writing back too. (this was built out by a consultant we had hired earlier so I am unable to locate it) ##MCAskAnExpert Topics: MCAskAnExpert More

3 days ago · 3 comments · 0 likes

Jeff O'Leary

What's the best way to segment based on email engagement data (opens, clicks, etc.) both within Journey Builder and an Ad hoc campaign in Email Studio? #MCAs#[MCAskAnE] More

3 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Esha Jones

Hi We previously ended up using incorrect subscriber ID (multiple ID's used for different journeys) for our journey. If we redo our journeys will we loose out on all our previous click/open data. If we end up loosing this data does MC allow us to reinsert this data. Thanks Esha ##MCAskAnExpert Topics: MCAskAnExpert More

3 days ago · 1 comments · 0 likes

Claire Byrnes

Hello! - question about data extensions. Will contacts I send to from a standard data extension sync to Salesforce? These data extensions have salesforce subscriber keys set as the subscriber relationship on the data extension and our MarketingCloud instance is connected to Salesforce via the MC Connector. What is the difference between the Salesforce data extensions and a plain data extension? #MCAskAnExpert More

3 days ago · 2 comments · 0 likes

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