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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Hello marketers, With the Mail Privacy Protection from Apple that hides pixel and can impact our open rate, are there any workaround or recommendations to optimize our marketing strategy? Regards More

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Srinivasa Yeduru

HI Every One, Can i know is there away that we can set Send Throttling across the Marketing Cloud instance. So that any emails will not be deliverabled than the specified throttle rate? Thanks in Advance. Srinivas More

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Felix Sanchez

From HQ, using Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder, we target those who have given consent for email in all of Latin America with marketing emails. Isolated to this, the individual Latin American markets target overlapping local audiences with WhatsApp messages. So, I want to explore if I could improve the performance of the 2 isolated marketing efforts by combining email and WhatsApp sends in Marketing Cloud. To understand, I’d like these questions answered: - Is Mobile Studio a necessity for sending WhatsApp messages via Journey Builder? - If Mobile Studio is a necessity for WhatsApp, are long/shorts codes needed for WhatsApp messages as they are for texts? - Are WhatsApp messages designed (like a mail or content block) in Content Builder? - If WhatsApp are created as content blocks, can a WhatsApp message consist of one or more content blocks? - If we have a data extension with some subscribers only having given email consent and others having given consent for both email and WhatsApp, can we define a path using a decision split to send WhatsApp to those who allow for both? - Which metrics are used for evaluating to WhatsApp messages? (like open rate for email) - Is the cost of a WhatsApp message the same as a mail (1 supermessage)? - Which WhatsApp user license type is allowed in Marketing Cloud: WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business? Thank you #MCAskAnExpert #WhatsApp #MCAskAnExpert #[#Journey Builder] More

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Robert Wynter

Hello folks, Can someone tell me how to import a CSV file into a Data Extension, when the records include commas? I tried added Double-quotes around the records which helps it import. However, the Double-quotes transpose as question mark around the records, which is an issue as we are using the records dynamically inside of the email content More

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Sara Vickerman

Who's ready to hear what's new in Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce CDP and more with product experts? Tomorrow's June 2021 New Feature Overview webinar includes a ton of new Marketing functionality and a live Q&A. It is one of our most feature packed releases yet, so don't miss it! Register here to join me and learn about everything that is new for Marketing Cloud in the June 2021 Release: Want to engage with the webinar on social media? Use the #MCJune2021 to let us know what you think! More

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