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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Torad Consulting

A details question about Journey Set Up - Recurring Activity I've scheduled a recurring activity in a Journey to run 1x/month on the 2nd Monday of each month. In the Journey itself, I'd like to schedule the wait time for following month's email sends to occur on 2nd Monday also and so on. What is the period of time defined by a 'month' in Journey Builder Date Activity selections? 30 days, same date the next month, same week and day of week next month, or other? More

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Kevin Kniss

We are using Health Cloud (Person Accounts=consumers vs. Contacts=providers) - do we need to use the "__pc" api field suffix in our DEs or is MC smart enough to translate? We are using the connector with Synch'd DEs. Any tips/callouts you can offer would be appreciated. #MCAskAnExpert More

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Kevin Kniss

Our agency has asked us to create a web form to be used on our public site (not a campaign landing page). I’m wondering what the “best” easiest (non-developer) way to do this? We use JB to match/write these leads to our Health Cloud instance so we were hoping to use SmartCapture/JB to accomplish this. Best, Kevin Kniss #[#MCAskAnExpert] More

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☁ Scott W Christley

Hello Marketing Cloud friends. We have an open position at our nationwide ad agency for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technical Architect. We are looking for an experienced architect who can build out complex marketing solutions for clients in the Marketing Cloud platform. As such, we are looking for someone who is Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified as a MC “Consultant” or MC “Developer” (not just Email Specialist or MC Administrator, which we will verify.) See job posting below. Thanks! More

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Michael Howard

We have two business units (two separate brands). I have set up automations with journeys to pull in data from Formstack form submissions to send thank you emails. In the second business unit, in the tests I have done, it is triggering the automations and journeys in both business units. The Formstack forms sync with lists in each business unit (Separately). We created a master automation in the parent business unit to move the data over from the lists into data extensions to trigger the journeys for both business units. Any idea how/why it is triggereing both business unit automations and journeys? #MCAskAnExpert More

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