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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to your success with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Marketing). Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Viktoriia Samus

Is it any an option how to add new contacts to "All contacts" tab in a Contant builder? And what is the difference between contacts in this section and contact records in Data Extension? I have many contacts in my data extensions and I thought they would be automatically in All contacts tab, but it's not like that. Why? Still new to marketing cloud, so would be happy for an explanation how this works. More

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Anjali Sreekumar

We are urgently looking for an Experienced Marketing Cloud Developer. Check out this link - More

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Tony Brown

Hi All! I'm hoping for some quick help. We have a journey paused that is using SMS and email. If we un-paused it today, about 16k texts would go out. The texts in the journey are set to 'Do not use send blackout window'. I'm wondering a few things: - Does anyone know about how long it takes for MC to work through 16k SMS sends? (We recently had about 16k texts take upwards of 12 hours so I'm curious) - We want to know how early we would have to 'resume' the journey in order for all the texts to go out at reasonable hours. - If we 'resume' the journey and it is still sending texts late into the night, will re-pausing it stop the texts from sending? I'm aware we could stop the journey completely and rebuild to respect blackout hours, but that is time intensive for our current situation. Any help would be appreciated! More

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Siddharth Kumar

Hi Folks I am writing a Server Side activity in SFMC to communicate with an external web service to perform an action in a 3rd party platform. The call to the web service with the JSON payload executes successfully through postman - the web service call is recorded in a log file. Here is a sample code which I have in the server side activity(based on marketing cloud documentation) var payload = {}; payload.field_1 = "field_1"; payload.field_2 = "field_2"; payload.field_3 = "field_3"; payload.field_4 = "field_4"; var req = new Script.Util.HttpRequest(url); req.emptyContentHandling = 0; req.retries = 2; req.continueOnError = true; req.setHeader("Content-Type","application/json"); req.setHeader("authhash", "xxx"); req.method = "POST"; req.postData = Stringify(payload); logMessage('Information', 'Call to post data', Stringify(payload)); var resp = req.send(); logMessage('Information', 'Call to post data', resp.returnStatus); logMessage('Information', 'Call to post data', String(resp.content)); logMessage('Information', 'Call to post data', String(resp.statusCode)); The log message function is just a JS function to record the steps in a log data extension (It works fine) Response return status recorded is 0 and status code is 0. There is no call recorded in the server log file which leads me to understand the call did not go through. Any tips/help?? Regards Sid More

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Marketing Cloud Content Guide

Love camping, but hate the bugs? The Marketing Cloud Trailhead team wants to squash those bugs! And when we say bugs, we mean errors within a Marketing Cloud Trailhead module. So as you take our existing modules, let us know if you find any errors or needed updates to the content. Tag us in a comment here (Marketing Cloud Content Guide), or you can log a ticket directly in Trailhead. #MCTrailheadFeedback More

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