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Shannon Andreas

Wondering if anyone in the group uses the Preference Center option in Marketing Cloud to capture email opt-ins/outs? We are currently experiencing issues around syncing with Sales Cloud. In addition to the Email Opt In option in MC, we added 3 other opt-in choices. The plan is to be able to fully opt-in, fully opt out, or have partial opt-ins for customers. These would then sync to Sales Cloud fields on both the Lead and the Contact. Both customers and CSRs would have the ability to opt-in or opt-out a customer. A link to the Preference Center would be available on a form or page within our website for customers to choose. A Link to the Preference Center would be available on the contact or lead record for CSRs to update. The link would bring them to a form (hosted on MC I believe) where they would make their choices. Upon Update, the form is supposed to sync with a Data Extension which somehow gets synced with Sales Cloud. Seems the Email Opt In is syncing correctly with Sales Cloud, but the other choices are not. Does anyone here use a 3rd party for this? Or is there a way to better utilize the native feature? Thanks! More

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Matt Mundt

What is the recommended way to handle Hard Bounces? MC will automatically make an account/email inactive after 3 bounced emails right? I've read some documentation on how to manually remove the hard bounces. Is that recommended since we have a higher amount of bounces right now since moving over to MC a few weeks ago. More

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Michael Chorley

Is there a way to monitor queueing for Journey Builder sends? Does MC have functionality that will either send an email or note whenever queueing stars to occur? More

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Linda Essman

Hi there, We are having trouble importing a .csv file into a Data Extension with Text as the data type in Marketing Cloud. The .csv file contains two columns of currency information. Marketing Cloud will not import any rows containing a "," in the currency data and gives me an Invalid Field Count error. We have imported these types of files in the past -- specifically on Feb. 7, 2020, with success. Also tried saving the .csv file using general data and import into a Data Extension with Text as the data type. All rows import but then we can't get any $0 amounts to display even when 0's have been imported in the DE. How can I either import the file or use AMPscript within the email to get the variable information to display appropriately? @Lindsay Stille More

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Chrissy Sherman

#MCAskAnExpert. I am looking for the best way to handle a lifecycle process. There are two series of paths that over-lap based on entry point. - Based on date of birth(DOB) certain communications should go out that are more closely aligned with the DOB (T1-12) (This segment also would include a customer opts in with no DOB T1-12) - A customer opts in mid-cycle DOB at T7 for example, want them to start there, but also receive T1-6 At any point the DOB can be updated. Over the course of a year, would like them to only receive 1 of each touch. I would assume to have a DE updated with T1-12 and put a flag/date when they had received each communication. More

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