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We’re all facing this new reality together, and virtual resources like our communities are more essential than ever. Salesforce experts are ready to support you and your business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Collin Farias

ATTENTION! NEW ACCELERATOR WEBINAR ALERT! The new Get Started with Premier Accelerator Webinar is WEEKLY for AMER. This is for PREMIER CUSTOMERS ONLY, whether you are net new and your Premier subscription has just begun or you are looking for a refresher. Maybe you are a new admin and want to understand what resources your company has available. Feel free to register and learn more. After attending the webinar you can sign up for a 1:1 follow up with a Success Guide to ask any further questions, ie.recommendations on accelerators and admin assists. More

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Wade Lovell

@Elna Miller How do we determine whether our organization already has an Order Form Supplement on file with Salesforce w/r/t Einstein features? More

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Miriam Elizabeh Urgiles hurtado

Can you send the recording of How to Build a Bot in 30 Minutes to Help You webinar to email? #ReOpenSafely More

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Elna Miller

[WEBINAR ON AIR @10AM PT TODAY: How to Build a Bot in 30 Minutes to Help You Reopen] Struggling to communicate ongoing changes to your day to day business operations with customers and the public? Join Salesforce experts and learn how to build an info bot to automate customer conversations. We'll show you how to set up your bot, so your customers always get up-to-date, relevant info when they're looking for answers. It's not too late to register! Ask your questions here and tag with #[Reopen Safely] YES, we will be recording and sharing the link within a couple of days. :-) Attached is the presentation so you can download and follow along. @Hao Dong @Maria Castillo-Jones @Cristina Moscoso @Carman Chan More

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Bhavin Patel

🌤 Rise and Shine into Answers! ✨ ******************************************* Ask a question or answer a question! Trailblazer Community- the people that are doing amazing things! Our Community is vast, powerful, strong and our trailblazers bravely encompass the following: a new career path 🎓, selflessly lending a helping hand at every opportunity 💪 and inspiring others to do the same 👣 ! 📣 Here is what our Trailblazers loudly said: @Jonathan Fox : "The community helped get to where I am in my life both physically, mentally and even emotionally. The least I can do is help others! I live by- Knowledge is power but knowledge shared is even more impressive. Don't conquer others for self gain, inspire others to join in your quest to learn" @Manasa Udupi : "I'm proud to be part of this wholesome community where everyone goes above and beyond to help each other. Looking forward to continue helping the community for years to come!" @Kundan Kumar Jha: "Always feel great when I help other trailblazer community members. It's a best platform for learning and growing together" @Mikey Brown: "I've enjoyed seeing a bunch of new trailblazers in the community and being able to help answer questions, while at the same time learning a lot myself!" @Ankush Agarwal: "Thanks a lot for recognizing my contributions to the community. I will try to provide my inputs in the future as well and learn from other trailblazers" So what does your success mean to you? Jump in to add your voice 👉👉👉 and expand your portfolio today 💼 . We welcome all and love to succeed together ❤️ ! More

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