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venkatesh guptha

Hello All, Is there any possible way to give access to process builder. Can someone suggest me what I need to do? Thank you in advance. More

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Rajesh Kumar Maharana

Hello All, I am facing an issue, after winter 21 release. There is read only account lookup field on PRM Engagement object. Whenever I try to open the record, the lookup field doesn't show anything. If I click on edit, then the account name is showing. This is happening in Performance Edition production org. Same thing if I try in the sandbox, no issues arises. Can someone suggest me what I need to do? Thank you in advance. More

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Lee Freedman

Hi, Who/where is the correct department to complain about post-Covid at home testing where you are not allowed any scribble paper. The testing centers allowed it. There is no way anyone can cheat on the SF Admin Cert test with notes. It's too hard and random. In all the SF Live training videos, you are constantly encouraged to try to diagram the question. Thanks Lee More

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Bhavin Patel

📚 Learn how to assign record types and page layouts to a profile. Here's how 👇 More

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Bhavin Patel

Happy Tuesday Trailblazers! Today we will learn how to add quota data for collaborative forecasts via Data Loader. Ready to learn? 💻 Click below 👇 More

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