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Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana! This group is dedicated to help customers new to Sales Cloud get up and running quickly. Join the conversation here to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.

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Aiyaz Ahmed

Welcome to Deploy and Empower your Users webinar Engage with your users and take action to achieve your goals! Getting Started Resources Webinar deck: Webinar recording: Getting Started Workbook FREE Starter Dashboards from the AppExchange Adoption dashboards from the AppExchange Data Quality Dashboards from the AppExchange Salesforce CRM Dashboards from the AppExchangeSalesforce More

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Alexis Jett

Such a silly question, but it's been giving me trouble... We have a classic email template that is triggered as part of an approval process. It goes out to members of that team and a few other folks and includes info about the won opportunity. I want a merge field to bring in the first name of the person receiving an email, though the template is directly related to an opportunity. Is this possible, or not because that counts as cross object...? Most of the fields are like {!Opportunity.Account} and those work. The one that isn't working is {!Receiving_User.FirstName}. Thoughts? And thanks in advance! More

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Cristina Cenedese

Hi, I want to track the data (mail opened, clicked, etc) from Marketing Cloud back to sales cloud. Thanks More

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Tammy Rahn

As threats against user credentials grow more common, it's increasingly important to implement strong security measures that safeguard your Salesforce data. To enhance the security of your user accounts and better protect against threats like phishing attacks and credential stuffing, we strongly recommend enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). For customers with Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic, we’re here to help with the new Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant — your central hub for delivering MFA to your users. It’s available from Setup, in Lightning Experience only. The Assistant guides you through a recommended process for a successful rollout — from evaluating requirements and planning your project to implementing MFA, launching it to users, and driving adoption. The process is organized into three phases: Get Ready, Roll Out, and Manage. Each phase includes a set of suggested steps, with supporting resources and tools to help customers take action. For full details, check out "Meet the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant" in Salesforce Help ( More

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Bhavin Patel

Let's help readers understand your data quickly and easily and show the data in chart form. ❇️ Add a Chart to a Report ⚙️ Chart Properties 🖥 Present Data Effectively with Charts Click 👇 to learn more! More

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