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Neha Ahlawat

*** Salesforce CLI plugin for Custom Metadata Types is now available *** Hello SFDX enthusiasts. We are happy to announce that the CLI plugin for custom metadata types is available in CLI v49. These new commands simplify development and help you build automation and synchronize your source from scratch orgs when working with custom metadata types. You can use the Salesforce command-line interface to create custom metadata types, fields and records. Additionally, you now will be able to bulk insert records from a CSV file or use an existing custom object / setting to generate custom metadata types from it. Plugin - force:cmdt Commands - - force:cmdt:create. Creates a custom metadata type in the current project. - force:cmdt:field:create. Generates a custom metadata field based on the provided field type. - force:cmdt:generate. Generates a custom metadata type and all its records for the provided sObject. - force:cmdt:record:create. Creates a record for a given custom metadata type in the current project. - force:cmdt:record:insert. Creates custom metadata type records from a comma-separated values (CSV) file. More details on the usage of various commands, with descriptions, flags and examples, is available in the CLI reference manual and help documentation. Custom Metadata Types Documentation: Salesforce CLI Command Reference: Trailhead unit coming soon !! More

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Andre van Kampen

When will the overview of dates for Winter '21 be posted here? Would be great to know when we can start applying for pre-release orgs and see the first concept of the release notes :) More

1 day ago · 2 comments · 4 likes

Jen Bowen

I don't know about you but my pre-release org looks to be already on Winter '21. :-) More

1 day ago · 4 comments · 3 likes

Erica Bell

Newbie looking for help with Guest User Security updates. Currently using Guest User profiles to run Check In for Volunteers (custom build on site). Is there a way to give guest user permission to change hours from one status to another? If not how do I switch from a guest to an authenticated user? And will that solve the problem? More

2 days ago · 0 comments · 0 likes

Tina Chang

need help with security alerts for release updates - restrict access for guest and portal users for Apex stuff. I don't fully understand the Apex. Where can I grant the permissions to Apex classes or SOAP API objects? I went to the profiles but don't see these settings. thanks. More

2 days ago · 4 comments · 0 likes

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