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Kelly Meehan

Addl Custom Branding for Embedded Service Chat + Queue Position - Is it possible / where does one customize the icons and button branding for Embedded Service Chat with queue position enabled - e.g. Cancel Chat Request button / border color? More

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Karen Spence

I've heard that Einstein Activity Capture will be taking the place of Lightning Sync in the near future. I've also heard that you can't report on Einstein Activity Capture Emails like you can with Lightning Sync emails (Tasks). A lot of companies track their people's activity--both tasks and emails--so eliminating the ability to report on email is a big problem. Did I hear that right? Thank you in advance. More

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James Gross

#Summer20LIVE This release introduced a new version of the 'Loop' Flow Element which is not backward compatible with the prior release. Since new releases are typically implemented in sandboxes weeks before production, several of us ran into implementation issues with our new Flows in the interim between our sandbox upgrades and production upgrades. These issues were not easy---and very time consuming---to resolve, and the only alternative was to wait weeks for our production instance upgrades to bring all environments into sync once again. I understand the Flow area will likely undergo constant change over future releases going forward to become the automation platform of choice in Salesforce. From my experience with the Loop change issue I learned that such changes are unlikely to be backward compatible. Therefore, I am reluctantly considering suspending all Flow development and implementation work in my org during the weeks between sandbox and production release upgrades to avoid wasting large amounts of development time. So my question is: does Salesforce have a better idea how to cope with this? More

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Serhiy Krasovskyy

#Summer20Live With Polymorphic Relationships will it be possible to have related list of grand-child records on a page layout? (probably in next releases) More

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Hunter Coxe

How do we access the recording, again? More

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