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Thangamani Nachimuthu

Hi Team, I would like to post a Technical blog on salesforce and can anyone provide me the details where can i post those? More

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Benrence Chan

Hello trailblazers, My name is Benrence and I am a sales and sponsorship intern for the Orange County Riptide. As a non-profit 501c(3) collegiate baseball team, we are hoping to find sponsorship partners for our new season. We offer exclusivity in your space to become the official sponsor of Orange County Riptide. As a baseball team that provides free admission, Orange County Riptide establishes a platform for reaching out to many families and young individuals as well. Please feel free to browse through our online sponsorship opportunities below to gain an idea of what we offer and how it will benefit your company and the families of Orange County. If interested, please contact me at as my supervisor or I will be happy to speak with you. Thank you. More

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Erik FitzHugh

[SPRING '21 RELEASE OVERVIEW - HIGHLIGHTS WEBINAR RECORDING] Thanks to everyone who joined us for an overview of the features of Spring ’21 last week! For those of you that missed the webinar live or you want to review it, you can now view the recording below. In the recording, you'll get a taste of some of the great new features that are now LIVE for Sales & Service Clouds in the Spring '21 Release. Attached is the presentation for anyone who wishes to follow along! And here is the link to the recording of the webinar: We also have a full schedule of deeper dives into product-specific features and more! See them all here: More

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Anita Smith

Hi following up on a question I asked at one of the webinars regarding if In App Guidance is available for end-users in a communities/experience portal. More

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Mohit Garodia

A client has implemented Salesforce for their North America team and would like to now implement it for Europe. One of the key decisions that they have to take is whether to use the same org or have another org. Is there any GDPR restrictions that may make it necessary for them to use another org or GDPR requirements can be handled in the same org? More

4 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

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