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Jacinta Burke

We're back again today at 9am PT with Community Cloud and B2B Commerce. They'll be telling us why they're now called Experience Cloud and showing us all their Winter '21 highlights. Join us in just less than 2 hours on More

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Sarah Burton

Hi All - I can't seem to find the recordings of the live webinars? I'm in the UK so missed the live session. I can only find the 2 minute quick videos! Please can you point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance :) More

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Mayumi Hayasaka

@Elna Miller Hello Elna-san. Would you share a link to the recorded "Einstein Search" session? Thank you. More

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Kristen Putikka

URGENT In my sandbox on winter 21, non-admin users are no longer able to add products to opportunities via our custom lightning component button. The button references an aura component bundle, which my company had a consulting firm tweak from classic to work with lightning. It loads up the framework and then doesn't seem to connect to the next step where the user types in the item they are searching for. Nothing happens when you search. When I (admin) log in it finds the product fine but our customizations are missing. This page has an addin that figures out what price the product is going to be based on that customer's price tier. What changed and most importantly, how do I as an admin (can't hire anyone right now) fix it? Without this button working, we cannot add any product to an opportunity, and basically our business will be at halt. Please help. Thank you Kristen Putikka More

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Tricia McGuire

I'm curious. When preparing for upgrades, how is the decision made by Product Managers to add a permission to a profile as automatically "on" or to require a permission to be "turned on/enabled"? One example: the new email template functionality (I am so excited about this one!) requires the user to have a specific 'drag and drop' permission in their profile. The out of the box System Admin profile does not have this new option checked. How did they arrive at this decision not to check that box on that profile? I'm trying to get a 'feel' for the logic, so that if I need to make decisions about that to test (and not to test) in an upgraded sandbox, I can make educated decisions and come up with a test plan to maximize my efforts. As a solo admin, getting everything properly tested by multiple user profiles can be a dauting challenge given the time constraints. Thanks! More

20 hours ago · 5 comments · 1 likes

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