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King Koo

Not sure if it's the venue. For Dynamic Actions, in Summer 20 there is this "Enable Dynamic Action" checkbox. So once you try it, you don't like it, you can disable it. In Winter 21, the said checkbox is gone, so is there a way to revert it back? i.e. can I disable dynamic actions for the object so the actions displayed go back to following the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" on the page layout for the object? More

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Hello, I have two questions regarding 2 new functionalities of the Winter 21 Release. - Salesforce anywhere Alerts : is it possible to define criteria on alerts (example : alert when opportunity amount > 50k€) or not (example : alert when the opportunity amount changes) - Help menu : is it possible to deactivate Trailhead search results ? And is it possible to make appear our custom section at the top of the list ? Thank you very much in advance for your answer ! Katia More

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Becky Miner

Is there any documentation regarding the first-party tracking code being released in beta for #Winter21Pardot? I checked the release notes but didn't find them. Thanks! More

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Denise A

#Winter21Pardot Question about the new email builder as it relates to Pardot Account details. I really love that I can go into the Pardot settings and see the # of emails sent for any period of time, across different email types. If we start sending emails using Salesforce's Email Templates, will that Pardot data still be available/updated? More

3 days ago · 2 comments · 1 likes

Vyneta Ryan

When is the Email Builder functionality going to be active? Is a date set? More

3 days ago · 1 comments · 1 likes

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