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Gareth Wilson

Hello, These changes were among others made in our sandbox when the Spring '21 update went in: - "Organization setup action: analyticsSharingEnableOffOn has changed." - "Organization setup action: flowFormulasFixEnabledOffOn has changed." - "Organization setup action: auraSecureEvalPrefOffOn has changed." - "Organization setup action: rqrEmailChangeConfirmPrefOffOn has changed." - "Organization setup action: ORG PERM customObjectRevokeEditPerm has changed from disabled to enabled" - "Organization setup action: ORG PERM customObjectRevokePerms has changed from disabled to enabled" By searching the answers I can see that `analyticsSharingEnableOffOn` corresponds to Enhanced Folder Sharing setting, and from googling I can see that corresponds to its enforcement in Spring '21 But for the rest I am just guessing. Also, why is the above example not referenced in the 'Spring 21 release notes anywhere and only in that Knowledge Article? (especially if its been automatically enforced for sandboxes as part of Spring '21) More

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faxue zhang

Hi All, Why can I view the new icon in the global header in my preview sandbox with the Spring 21 release function: the panelBring the Trailhead Learning Experience Inside the App (Beta)? More

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Elna Miller

*SIGN UP NOW* for Release Readiness LIVE starting Jan 29 - New Spring '21 resources in sidebar, check below! More

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Patricia Cameron

@Elna Miller Will the Spring '21 feature matrix be posted soon? @Yuju Yen FYI More

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