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Tammy Rahn

As threats against user credentials grow more common, it's increasingly important to implement strong security measures that safeguard your Salesforce data. To enhance the security of your user accounts and better protect against threats like phishing attacks and credential stuffing, we strongly recommend enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). For customers with Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic, we’re here to help with the new Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant — your central hub for delivering MFA to your users. It’s available from Setup, in Lightning Experience only. The Assistant guides you through a recommended process for a successful rollout — from evaluating requirements and planning your project to implementing MFA, launching it to users, and driving adoption. The process is organized into three phases: Get Ready, Roll Out, and Manage. Each phase includes a set of suggested steps, with supporting resources and tools to help customers take action. For full details, check out "Meet the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant" in Salesforce Help ( More

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Nicola Mitcham

Einstein Inbox IQ - the include dynamic meeting date/time options in comms with contacts - are there any plans to allow sf users to do this "on behalf of" - so a Sales Manager assistant can select the diary of their Sales Manager (may be one to many relationship), and they may be in a different timezone? #Winter21 More

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Nicola Mitcham

Will the Dynamic Pages allow us to restrict WHEN a user can Delete an Opportunity Line Item by restricting when a user can see a Delete button on page? #Winter21 More

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Dario SF-EU-Admin

Is Einstein activity capture free or does it need additional licenses? is there any limitations in terms of users that can be enabled? More

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Mark Graham

Do you have to have a community to send a survey? I see when I enabled it just now, it wants to pick something from where to create? Select the default community for creating public survey invitations. More

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