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David Roberts

Are there any plans to enhance the lightning:map bundle? A few additions spring to mind:- Allow map overlays from a kml file; Allow html in the title of a marker; Allow non standard icons; More

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Mandy Pham

Vision and Strategy Best Practices Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, December 2nd, 10:30-11:30 AM PST Format: Virtual, Listen-Only Webinar Hosts: Lori Pope and Mandy Pham REGISTER HERE: During this engagement, we will provide you with a deep-dive into the Compass Domain of Vision and Strategy. This will allow you to successfully map out your business goals and objectives to Salesforce. See you then! More

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Stephanie Brown

New admin here. I think my predecessor installed CPQ after the Spring '20 release and so the upgrade readiness checks for CPQ and Advanced Approvals weren't done. I just went through it all for both. CPQ was easy as there was a button for assigning PSLs. I do not understand why there is no such button for Adv Approvals. I'm also not seeing the "Salesforce CPQ License" and "Salesforce CPQ AA License" PSLs that were supposed to have been created. So how exactly do I assign the AA PSL? I've been in an endless loop of videos and articles, and there's nothing specific on this. More

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Raksha Sanganee

Thank You team More

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