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Abdoulaye Alain Camara

Hello I need your help for this project. Although the expected result image (1) is visually identical to what I made image (2) I still have the message that "Step not yet completed in My Trailhead Playground 1 We couldn't find the Expense_Item__c custom object, or it doesn't contain the right set of custom fields, or the field types are incorrect. Check for typos in the object and field names and try again. » Thank you for helping me find the solution to this problem. More

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Puneet Khanna

Hi Can anyone tell if there is a way to have many-to-many relationship between two type of accounts. The out-of-the-box functionality provides only Many-to-one relationship where many child accounts can have one parent account. How can we link one child to multiple parents along with linking many childs to one parent. Can we do this without creating any new custom object. More

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Mugdha Shah

Hi All, I got my Admin certification last week. Now I would like to prepare for Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification. Please let me know what study materials I can refer to and where can I find the practice exams for the same. Thanks Mugdha More

2 days ago · 4 comments · 0 likes

Monica Iannacone

Hi! I'm trying to complete the App Customization Specialist superbadge but I keep getting this error message on Step #4. I've tried to remove all reports and dashboards and add them again and its still not working. Also, tried to refresh my browser and try another browser. Also, refreshed the dashboards again. Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The 'My Shifts Pending Approval' report does not have the correct columns. Confirm that ALL report columns are in place according to the requirements. Additionally, take note that of the two 'Volunteer Shift Worker ID' fields, make sure to include the one with the format Shift-XXXX so users can click through to the volunteer record. More

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Alexandra Evans

Hello everyone. I am enjoying learning the Admin Beginner Trail. I have questions about lesson - Salesforce Mobile App Customization - Customize Navigation The changes only show up on 'Sales console-lightning experience", not "mobile only" on my iPhone 7. The lesson says to make the changes in Mobile only. I can't figure out how. More

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