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Eric Rodriguez

When I was following the instruction in this tutorial:, the Authenticate to Your Playground step failed. And in the output console I saw Steps To Reproduce: - Install the latest sfdx cli - Install the Salesforce Extension in VSCode - Run SFDX: Authorize an Org in VSCode Expected result The org is authorized successfully Actual result authorization failed with the error Run sfdx help force for a list of available commands. Solution error 127 Visual Studio Code: Run this in CMD "sfdx plugin:install @salesforce/plugin-auth@1.4.3" More

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Tahira Jafary

I'm trying to write a validation rule on an Application object where I want to prevent duplicate applications by a candidate. I am using: Candidate ID = Candidate ID && Job Title = Job Title But it's now blocking all applications not just the duplicate. I am not sure if I should use PRIORVALUE or CLONE functions or any other more suitable functions out there. I just want to be able to stop a candidate from applying to a position he's already applied for. Note: Duplication/Matching rules wont work in my case as fields don't match between the objects. Thx More

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Megan Petersen

Trailhead News is back for 2021! Join us for the first episode of the year next week on Jan 26th (check your local listings) and hear the top Trailhead highlights plus some fun in welcoming back the show for a new year. Lock it in your calendars using the Trailhead Live Schedule: We'll also be strolling down memory lane with a recap of 2020 with @Josie Chiles, @Heather Storm and @Fiona Coote then looking forward to what's to come for Trailhead in 2021 with @Adam Torman. #TrailheadNews #Trailhead #TrailheadLIVE #TrailblazerCommunity More

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Yasmeen Kilani

Hi, I am stuck in "Use External Services in a Flow" in the External Services Module. I kepp getting this error We can't find the correct settings in the Add Account action. Make sure the action was created according to the requirements, including selecting the proper reference fields for accountName and accountType." I have made sure I've done everything correctly but still get the same error. More

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James Postma

Hey Trailblazers! I've not posted for quite some time. I began my Trailhead journey a while back and was amp'd about the opportunity of becoming certified and to transition out of IT and into Salesforce! I'm 47yrs old and know that I'm an Audio / Visual learner. In a perfect world, the Trailhead program makes absolute sense to get my hands dirty! I enjoyed the process of creating, developing and the challenges of getting shiny new badges at each step. I even created additional notes for myself to review as there was much info covered along the way. Due to the amount of info provided, I did feel overwhelmed to say the least, however I was determined to obtain the ADM 201 Certification. After 2months of grinding it out, I signed up for the exam with my goals in sight!! Unfortunately I did not pass the exam :( and I understand there are many out there who have taken the exam more than once to acquire the ADM 201 certification. Please tell me, I'm not the only one! Here's my ask: If you were unsuccessful in your 1st or 2nd attempts, what were your contributing factors for finally passing the ADM 201 exam? Let know how you passed, based on what you've read above. Much appreciated! Thank you James More

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