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Shubhashini RajaShubhashini Raja 
Hello Trailblazers!!
I cleared my Admin Certification today. I'm so happy. Thank you so much Trailblazer Community for helping me accomplish this. You guys have responded immediately for every question I posted and thanks a lot for sharing the required materials on topics I need referencing. You guys are amazing. Let's keep Blazing!!

Next prep for "Advanced Admin"
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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Wow.. Congratulation Shubhashini !!

Try this trailmix from trailhead -

Advanced Administrator Quiz from SalesforceBen Website -
Hayato UesugiHayato Uesugi 
When I try to create Optimization profile at Field Service Setting, Salesforce says that "Optimization profile creation error has occured, Please contact salesforce support for more details".

This error also occurs when I try to do same stuff at another environment.

I am now using DE edtion with ap17.
Does anyone know why this kind of error occur?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me an answer....
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Venkata Naresh ThathaVenkata Naresh Thatha
Have you tried this ? Found in other forum.

Clone an existing profile and name it FSL Optimization .Make sure permissions mentioned in this FSL_Optimization (" target="_blank) are enabled. Create a user with this profile and login as this user. You will get the option to activate optimization under field service settings.
Deborah OrthDeborah Orth 
I'm getting an error on the Trailhead Project "Build Advanced Einstein Analytics Dashboards", step 3, Engage Users with Animated Pages.  The error reads: Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: 550: To retrieve a lens with aggregateflex type containing query values, you need API version 46 or higher

I've got a brand new DE Analytics org and have succesfully completed Step 1 & 2, (after a few issues that resulted in errors as well, but it finally got past) but this one I can't seem to get to validate.

I've also confirmed the org API is 47.0.  Having read a few other Trailhead Analytic issue postings I went into Settings and enabled all the Analytic setting but that didn't fix the validation error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Caryl WangCaryl Wang
Same error happened to me, what i did is to redo the table widget - make sure you only have two columns - "Opportuntiy" and "Sum of Amount". I had the values table instead of compare table and had that error. Hope this helps. 
Vyshnavi KandalaVyshnavi Kandala 
Hi All,
I have accidentally deleted a dashboard from Einstein Analytics (Sandbox), I have also restored it from the recycle bin. Even after restroring, I don't see it my App. Where else can I find it?
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Ashwin PAshwin P
Hi Vyshnavi, 

Unfortunately to my knowledge, we dont have a solution to this. 
We have an idea logged :

Kindly upvote this idea to get this important feature .
Sandra PalmesSandra Palmes 
Hi, I don't know if I phrased my question properly. What I'm trying to do is I want to restrict the list view widget from being changed by users. Upon opening the dashboard what they should see is their own account (I've done this). Is there perhaps a way to prevent users from viewing other accounts? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Shivam KumarShivam Kumar

Hi there,
I dont think so but still check this link:


Michele TancorraMichele Tancorra 
Hi all,
every time a dataflow fails or finish with a warning, warning mail are sent to me (who scheduled the flow) and all the other Admin.
Is possible to select the people to deliver those mail?
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Kapil BatraKapil Batra
Yes the functionality is not available right now. But I have created an Idea for it over the community. Please upvote it using below link :
Gina WolfGina Wolf 
Hi! Can someone help me with a formula field on a report to get "this month's" win rate.

I have a report that shows all opportunities created this year, and I want to know the % of the record count # of closed-won opportunities divided by the total number of opportunities created this year. 

I had, but was not working:
 (Account.Closed_Won_Opportunities_summary__c:SUM,CLOSE_DATE:THIS MONTH)/(Account.Open_Opportunities__c:SUM)
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
It sounds like your Formula should just be 
WON:SUM / RowCount
Then just group the Report by CloseDate(Month)
Racheal K. DalesRacheal K. Dales 
At the Opportunity level - I need to write a formula that adds together the 'Budget' field (text/currency) of all the Opportunity Products that DO NOT have the 'Exclude from Contract' (checkbox) checked.  Can anyone give me a place to start with this? Formulas are not my strong suit. :(  Thanks so much in advance! 
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
This is how it would look:
User-added image
Prabhat SinghPrabhat Singh 
Hello Team,

Trying to embed tableau dashboards in salesforce.

Please help me to achieve this.

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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
To Embed the Tableau Dashboards into SFDC:
Tableau enables to embed the dashboards into just in few minutes. Following are the steps for the same:
  1. Login through Admin using
  2. Go to Setup tab and select Manage your Custom Tabs
  3. Select Web tabs and click Next and follow the below steps:
  • Choose Layout as per the requirement and click Next
  • Define Content and Display properties by providing necessary details
  • Enter URL Details and click Next
  • In Add to profiles select the users who can view the dashboards and click Next
  • Add to Custom Apps and Save
4.Dashboards would then get embedded into SFDC and a tab by the name “Tableau after Login” would appear.

For Further Classification Check This,
Evan BrandtEvan Brandt 
I have a Process Builder process that calls a custom apex method any time a Case record is created or edited. The custom apex contains a future callout to an external webservice. This webservice returns some data that will in turn update the case.

As you can imagine, this causes an issue because once the case is updated after this service call, it triggers the process once again and we get an error stating "Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method"

I know this could be solved by using an apex trigger instead of process builder and checking the System.isFuture() flag, but the business requirments state we must use process builder whenever possible instead of triggers.

My question is: is it possible in process builder to determine if a process was kicked off by a future context?
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Evan,

No, We can not check the same in Process Builder. For this you need to use Apex Trigger.