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Julia ChinJulia Chin 

Allow Chatter users to edit only posts they own, but view all others

Is there a way to only have user profiles edit there own posts? It seems like Chatter Settings is a global setting for Post and Comment Modification.  Once it's deselected it also removes the ability to even create a Permission Set, the entire option of Edit My Own Posts is not available. What am I missing? Right now all the users can edit anyone else's chatter post, has anyone found a work around for this?  
Sonal RathoreSonal Rathore
Hi Julia,

There are few permissions on the profile which can help you to achieve this. Below are the steps:
  • Go to the user's Profile or the Permission set.
  • Click System Permissions, and then click Edit.
  • Select the edit feed post permissions you want to enable.
  • Edit My Own Posts—Let users edit their own posts and comments.
  • Edit Posts on Records I Own—Let users edit posts and comments on records they own. This setting applies to all posts and comments on a record, both by the author and made by other users.
  • Can Approve Feed Post and Comment—Let users edit and delete the posts and comments of any person in the Chatter feeds that they have access to.
For more help you can refer the below salesforce doc: (