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Paula SchlegelmilchPaula Schlegelmilch 

Connect multiple Form Handlers to one Wordpress Contact 7 Form

Hello everyone,
we use Pardot form handlers with our Wordpress Contact Form 7 forms.
The problem is that we have a different campagin for each event we host but only one form where the user selects which one he would like to attend. 
Is it possible to connect multiple form handlers to this one form so that based on which event is chosen the prospect is assigned to the right campaign? 

Thanks for any help,
Caio AndradeCaio Andrade

It is possible, but this is something that would need some dev work on the WordPress side. You would need to create a script with a conditional rule that changes the form handler depending on the event field's selection. Then, Pardot does its job with completion actions.

However, if the difference is only based on the event and the campaign assigned, you have another option: use two automation rules for that.

1- set the form handler without the campaign assignment
2- create an automation rule including form submission and event selected as the matching criteria, assign the right campaign if the criteria are matched.
3-you'll need one automation rule for each pair of event selection and campaign assignment.