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David BaumannDavid Baumann 

Dependent Page Layouts Idea | Please Vote Up each Standard Object


that is actually not a technical question but I still think it is important to most of us.

Maybe some of you haven't noticed but the 14 year old idea to finally make record pages in salesforce more dynamic has now been broken down into ideas for each object. Instead of salesforce finally providing this functionality for all standard objects, now each object should get votes for itself. In contrast, the functionality is already available for custom objects.

From my point of view this is absolutely inconsistent. Why should accounts get dynamic forms but not quotes?
I wouldn't know how to explain this to my users.

I don't know how you see it, but to me it looks as if intransparency is deliberately created here, because you can always refer to the fact that, for example, dynamic forms for a certain object had fewer votes and it is therefore further back on the roadmap.

I would therefore be pleased if as many of you as possible would vote for the individual objects.

Here is the link:

Best regards,
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Happy to upvote, also twitter is a great channel use #AskForce #VoteForce tag idea exchange, and even better share with your peers and in your area virtual meetups 
David BaumannDavid Baumann
Hi Ines!

I really appreciate your support and will follow your advise to share it also via groups and other channels :) Maybe we can gather some more supporters...

For everyone else, here are the links to the object related ideas:

Cases: (https://
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
yeap yap, also keep an eye to idea exchange prioritazation cycles
Tom BassettTom Bassett
It's interesting that Salesforce have gone down this route with one idea per standard object. 

There are 100s of standard objects and so time will tell if they each get their own idea in time and get prioritized accordingly.