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Elizabeth RaineyElizabeth Rainey 

How to allow users to access custom reports

Helllo, I am an admin who has created a custom report.  I woudl like some of my users to have access to the report and allow them the ability to cusotmize it.  How do i go about doing this?
Alex YouroukelisAlex Youroukelis

Hi Elizabeth

Firstly, you need to ensure that user profiles habe the ability to work with reports or that users have a permission set assigned to them that will allow them to work with reports:

  • Create and Customize Reports
  • Edit My Reports
  • Export Reports
  • Report Builder
  • Report Builder (Lightning Experience)
  • Run Reports
  • View Reports in Public Folders

Then, you need to give users access to the folder that the report has been saved to:User-added image

User-added image