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Jeremy JamesJeremy James 

Is Dynamic Forms for Standard Objects going to be released in Spring 21?


I've seen mention that Dynamic Forms will be released for Standard Objects in Spring 21, namely in Salesforce Ben's blog. However, having reviewed the Release Notes I can't see confirmation of this. 

Does anyone have any information? 


Keiji OtsuboKeiji Otsubo
Hi Jeremy,

Please check this article.

- Standard Object Support - Summer '21.
- Mobile Support Pilot - Summer '21.

Andreea DorofteiAndreea Doroftei
Hello Jeremy, 

As far as I'm aware, the Spring'21 release making Dynamic Forms available for Standard objects is the best case scenario. When I did ask Salesforce Support about them, their answer was that it's only on the roadmap, nothing specific. 

Was just checking the help.salesforce page ( yesterday after reading the release notes with hopes that there is any mention for Spring'21 but nothing. The note that they are supported for custom object only though is still there. 
Jeremy JamesJeremy James
Great thank you both!! So, the answer is Summer '21 at present so around July 2021. I think I will hold off on building customisations to Opportunity & Account layout then.
John ZeekJohn Zeek
Any idea why Dynamic forms is only for custom objects? 
Keiji OtsuboKeiji Otsubo
Hi John,

I'm not sure why.
It seems that it is being considered for each individual object.

Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd