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Saloni KhedkarSaloni Khedkar 

"Seen" status on Opportunities/ Leads

It is possible to have a "Seen" status when a user opens a new opportunity or a lead which is generated from various sources to Salesforce ? I have two user cases. Is this possible ? if es, then how?

Use case - 
1) As a user, when I click on an opportunity or lead integrated to Salesforce from various other sources, the field should change the status to "Seen" or "Open", so it shows my manager that I have worked on it.
2) As a Manager user, I want to see an indicator field that says"Seen" or "Open" on an opportunity/ lead so I can track my team performance.
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Andreea DorofteiAndreea Doroftei
Hello Saloni, 

I believe there isn't a similar identifier on the Opportunities, but on Leads you do have the unread by owner flag. This becomes false when the owner of the record views it, and becomes true again if the Lead Owner is changed, until the new ower opens the record. 

You could use Process Builder for example to update the Status field with "Seen", or any other field for that matter. 

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Also, unread by owner is available in reports and list views you don't neccesarily have to create a new field unless you want users to see "Seen" as a status.