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Alex XiongAlex Xiong 

the supplied headers and reference emails are inconsistent

Does anyone know what this error message means? A search online hasn't helped.


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Santiago Ibarra CaceresSantiago Ibarra Caceres
This is now classified as a known issue:

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Panos AlbanisPanos Albanis
I have the same issue as of today. Anyone know what's wrong>
Jan NielsenJan Nielsen
I also got this issue from a colleague today. Would also like to know what is wrong. 
SFDC1 Admin1SFDC1 Admin1
We are also experiencing this issue
Erik BurtonErik Burton
I heard from support that there is an ongoing investigation into this, although it doesn't sound like there's a Known Issue set up yet.

So far the only workaround we've had is to create a completely new case to send the email.
Alex XiongAlex Xiong
Thanks for the update Erik. I asked the user that encountered this to try again the next day to see if we can debug anything. He said the email went through no problem. Super weird.
Jayson FaderangaJayson Faderanga
experienced this one as well, looks like an issue that is not in the Known Issue page yet, submit a case to Salesforce if you encounter it..
Krishna DadiKrishna Dadi
HI Alex Xiong ,
Do you have any custom validation rules on Email Message object?
Samantha PrinceSamantha Prince
We suddenly started getting this last week too so I've asked our support team to raise a case with Salesforce as this post was the only result I could find online too.
Rodolfo RitoRodolfo Rito
Any updates on this? We are also having issues.
Sarah WellsSarah Wells
I've received reports of this same issue.
Shaik Mahammad SadiqShaik Mahammad Sadiq
One of our customer also facing the same issue 
Shaik Mahammad SadiqShaik Mahammad Sadiq
Is ther any upadte on this ??
Andi Howard-ReinAndi Howard-Rein
I just had a user report this issue, too. I don't know if it makes a difference, but she was trying to send using a shared email address.
Alex XiongAlex Xiong
Andi, you mean an organization wide email address? That's what our user was doing too. The issue resolved itself the next day. No one else seemed to have run into the issue in our org yet.
Amanda YangAmanda Yang
We met the same issue today. Has anyone heard back from SF Support yet?
Sneha SahiSneha Sahi
Even we ae faing this issue, strange part is when system admin logs in as current user and sends the mail, mails are sent successfully but when user do it from their system, it doesn't lets them.
Jurgen PolakJurgen Polak
Also having this issue, coming and going. When creating a case with Salesforce it is useful to attach browser console logs ( and the URL to the record on which sending the email is failing (although I gather from the reports here that at any time it may start to work again for an earlier failing record).
Anil MadugulaAnil Madugula
We have same issue. Salesforce team reported the browser console logs as well. why they are not creating known issue for this if multiple clients are reporting? 
Andi Howard-ReinAndi Howard-Rein
Alex, sorry, should have been more clear. Our user isn't trying to send from an org-wide email address. She's trying to send from a queue email address.
Pavan AlavalaPavan Alavala
We have same issue
Hui ZhangHui Zhang
yes, we experienced the same issue. any updates from the Salesforce support team? thank you, May
McKinsey MahnesmithMcKinsey Mahnesmith
I have users experiencing this same issue today, has anyone heard anything more on this? 
Ethan Van DoorneEthan Van Doorne
We are also experiencing this issue. 
Amanda YangAmanda Yang
Hi all,
  Try this:
   1. Go to Setup
   2. On the Quick Find, search for Support Settings
   3. Untick the box for "Enable Email Drafts" to disable it
 Hope it helps
Santiago Ibarra CaceresSantiago Ibarra Caceres
This is now classified as a known issue:
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Luis OvalleLuis Ovalle

By unchecking this we are just taking away the ability to save emails as drafts correct? Users are reporting this error occuring more often everyday so if this will take away the error from showing up and letting them send emails thats great, i just want to let them know what else will be effected by unchecking that box.

Luis Ovalle
Amanda YangAmanda Yang
Hi Luis:
   Yes that's valid thinking. I just used it as a temporary workaround and hope SF can solve this issue soon.  Here is the artile that may answer your question better:
Philip LoehleinPhilip Loehlein
If Users delete the existing draft on the Case and try again, the email successfully sends. Most of the time. :(