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Ryan MilyardRyan Milyard 

Salesforce Lightning Won't Export Reports


So one of my users is experiencing a new issue to me.

When in lightning they click "Export" on a report --> details --> export then it opens the report (with filters that don't match the report being ran) then it in classic without exporting the report.
Tom NeuburgerTom Neuburger
Hi Ryan, 

I'd look at two things.  First the part about 'without exporting the report'.  In my experience this is a browser/ pop up blocker issue.  Can you have the user try with a different browser, or see if there is some sort of notification that a pop up was blocked in the browser they are using?  

If they user is in Lightning report and then all of a sudden is in classic report, I'd check their report edit abilities in setup.  There are two SEPARATE user settings for Report Builder vs Report Builder Lightning.  We missed this in a profile of ours so users would click 'edit' on a lightning report and then get sent to classic.