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Nathan LeveringtonNathan Leverington 

Field Service Lightning Mobile App Data Priming

Hi, I need help regarding a Field Service Lightning Use case. The Use case is as follows:

Use Case: Field Service Agent will require a PDF file which will be uploaded in "Files" related list on the WorkOrder Object. Field Service agent before leaving the office premisses will "Sync Data" for Offline use.

Limitation: As one of the salesforce document states, currently Offline priming only stores File Name and version information and doesn't download/store Data from the Files related list. 

Question: Is there a way we should be able to Store Data Offline? Any Appexchange tool? Any trigger? any ideas which we could explore to achieve the use case?

Note: For our business, it is a bad use case where all the agents should manually open 100's of PDF's from the related list one by one for to make them available for offline use on Field Service Lightning mobile app

Michael Davies
Shivam KumarShivam Kumar
Try this free app if it works for your requirement.