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Brittney LunskiBrittney Lunski 

Scrubbing Lists in Pardot

Hey Salesforce Fam! 

Love getting to learn from you guys and need a little help with an issue we are attempting to solve in Pardot. We have a monthly newsletter email that we send out via Pardot, the open rates and click-thru-rates have dropped recently and we are attempting to correct it. One of the first ways we would like to attempt at fixing the problem is by "scrubbing" the email list. 

I went into Pardot this morning to create a suppression list which will be used to scrub the emails but noticed that I am limited in options. The only viable option that appeared was, "Prospect Email Opens" "hasn't opened any email" in the last XX weeks. I set this rule on the list and then noticed that 24 out of 25k prospects were added to the list. 

Pardot added ANYONE who has not opened ANY email, not just the specific campaign of emails I am trying to scrub the list for. Does anyone have a more precise way to scrub a list for a specific campaign of emails?
Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Brittney,

Sorry for the inconvenience. In case you don't receive a response here, may I also suggest joining the Pardot group below to collaborate with the experts for best practice and advice.

Hope this helps.