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Marc BradyMarc Brady 

Can't login into excel data

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I cant seem to login to excel and refresh my data using the Get Data function 

Anyone else experiencing this issue? It was working last week and seems to have stopped 
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Marc BradyMarc Brady
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Chris LouderChris Louder
Hi Marc,
Try to be more specific with names. The Excel "Power Query" is unable to connect to Salesforce.

In answer, see the following link. It appears to be a widespread problem that has recently got worse. I too have found myself unable to connect to Salesforce as above.

Marc BradyMarc Brady
I wasnt aware of the correct terminolgy 
claytone jamesclaytone james
I think this is not a big issue. Firstly, you forget your excel password you should forget password and then reset new one. In this you will get assessed to your data. The provides some guideline about writing skills. I think you should avail this service.
Marc BradyMarc Brady
What do you mean by writing skills? 
Marc BradyMarc Brady
Solution is here -
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