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David HamburgDavid Hamburg 

What to do with Pardot prospects that were furloughed but are returning to work

In the current COVID pandemic, many Pardot prospects have been furloughed, many causing hard bounces. This group of people is slowly returning to work but are now Do Not Email out due to a hard bounce, or multiple soft bounces. Not knowing when they will return is an issue but it is very hard on a marketing group to be told, sorry that great customer was out for 3 months so you can never email them again. Does anyone know if Pardot has some process/best practices to manage this return or some sort of try again a few times option?  
Bill FetterBill Fetter
This is a thorny problem nobody could have anticipated...Especially since there really is no way to mass-re-opt-in people even if you knew they had been on furlough and their email had bounced. One thing you can do, is turn on allow prospect resubscribe--this flags the "you're opted out,do you want to resubscribe" option on all your forms. You might even create a special form JUST for people returning from furlogh and wanting to opt back in.  HOWEVER this does not completely solve the problem as a hard or repeated soft bounced email DOES NOT clear the do not email flag even using this method. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=pardot_prospect_resubscribe_considerations.htm&type=5  So what you're going to have to do is watch sends of your opted-back-in email template and MANUALLY uncheck the email opt out box on a case-by-case basis. Kinda klugey, but that's really the only OOTB option right now.