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Laurel LinnemeierLaurel Linnemeier 

Cloudcraze B2B and Avalara AvaTax Integration issue

We have an installed package to integrate B2B with Avalara (tax calculator).
 The integration is working and calculating tax correctly based on shipping state/zip, and subtotal amount but the store does not seem to be sending our item tax code, freight code, or customer tax codes and taking those into account in calculations. When I plug these things directly into our Avalara account tax calculator, they work (i.e. Avalara is set up and working properly). But when I set up an order with the same inputs, it does not return the correct numbers. It returns numbers consistent with only the shipping location and subtotal amounts, it seems to ignore all other parameters.  Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?
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Amey PriolkarAmey Priolkar
Hi Laurel, 

Can you please check if you're sending all the required parameters in the request?

There can be issues as mentioned below,
1. Some special character is being sent in request which are not supported by third party.
2. Data(values) getting trimmed somehow/getting converted due to encoding.

Hence, first check if you're sending the request correctly. Secondly, you might need help of Avalara Dev Team to debug if they are receiving all the parameters properly or not.