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Srinath Reddy VelagacharlaSrinath Reddy Velagacharla 

All users seeing restricted "List Views"

Hi All,

I have a list view shared to a public group of 2 users, however all the users in salesforce are able to see the list view on dropdown and can select them, which they don't need. Please advise how to restrict other users.

Thank you

Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
Hi Srinath,

Do the users have 'Manage Public List Views' enabled on their profiles? This permission gives the ability to view the Public list views.

Unfortunately, if this is disabled, they will not be able to share their list views with others. So you might have to consider this before editing their access.

The System Permission "Create and Customize List Views" allows users to create their own lists views.  But they can't share the list views with others without 'Manage Public List Views'.

Here is an open Idea -
Srinath Reddy VelagacharlaSrinath Reddy Velagacharla
Thank you Manasa, I removed both 'Manage Public List Views' and "Create and Customize List Views" for a profile and still able to see the list view which is shared to other public group.
Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
Can you create new List View, don't share with the user, login as the user without the permissions and verify?