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Andrea WitAndrea Wit 

Pardot and Salesforce Relations?

Is there any way that when a mass email is sent through pardot that a date field in salesforce could automattically be updated? 
I used pardot for mass emailing a lot, and I need something realted from pardot engagements on salesforce to auto update a date field on salesforce.
Lara BlackLara Black
In Engagement Studio? Sure. You can build in new steps in the program. Do 'send email' followed by another action like 'add to Salesforce Campaign [ campaign X ] with status [ sent ]' or you could toggle a custom field, or something.

In Pardot List emails? Nothing automatic.

You can go make yourself a Segmentation Rule (not an Automation Rule - a Segmentation Rule only runs once, and only when you click Run Rules).

The Segmentation Rule could be run right after you click 'send now' on a List Email. 

But it's not really great for emails scheduled at weird times.

It does sort of depend on whether your recipient list is static (and forms won't add prospects, or the list won't otherwise change from when you schedlue it to when it is sent) or dynamic (and it can change between schedule and send).

If the list won't change between scheduling and sending then you can run the Segmentation Rule before you send it. Otherwise you might mark some prospects as 'sent' but they drop off a dynamic list and it won't actually be sent to them...