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Joe DiNunzioJoe DiNunzio 

Users unable to attach files to emails


Recently my users have become unable to attach files to emails. The "Attach File" button opens a new window with an "Insufficent Privliedges" message.  This worked a few weeks ago but unfortunately I am not aware if there was a change made or by who within our organization. The Attach File feature works fine for me (as an Admin) but not under user accounts. 

I am having trouble hunting down any information on the "Attach File" feature on emails and how the permissions are controlled. We have the Send an Email button in multiple places (Cases, Accounts, Opportunities, etc.) and all are inoperable to the users. 

Any help would be appreciated.
Avi BAvi B
Joe - 'Send an Email' creates a task in the system. Can you identify if these activities (tasks) are associated with a parent record (Account, contact, lead etc.)?
Joe DiNunzioJoe DiNunzio
Hi Avi, this would be on the Account parent record. 
Avi BAvi B
What is the OWD settings for the Account object? Can you add one of these users as an account team member and see if they can attach the files?
Joe DiNunzioJoe DiNunzio
OWD permissions are set to private for the Account object. I added a sharing rule to give read/write for the account object for a user profile experiencing this issue and it made no change for the end users.