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Ed SantosoEd Santoso 

Assistance with Dashboard Filtering/Drill Down

Hi there,

I am attempting to create a dashboard that contains a report (amongst others) for all users and how many account records they have created in a given time. Given the amount of users there can be (lets say 200+), a table would be best suited for this as it takes up the least screen real estate. 

The problem here is using a table will not allow me to select "Filtered Source Report" in the Drill Down menu. So the request to be able to individually select those users and view the records created is out of the question. Ideally we would also like to filter those users by the "Company Name" field on their user.  Creating a dashboard filter won't work here as the limit is currently 10 (with the option to increase to 50 if requested from Salesforce).

Anyone have any ideas on how I could go about this?

Many Thanks.
Neelesh Ratn DwivediNeelesh Ratn Dwivedi

Not sure whether I could get your questions properly. But below are my comments :p.
If I am not wrong then you can also use source report chart in salesforce by utilizing below option. And Ihope this is filtered chart. Ofcourse you will not be able to table chart in report.
User-added image

There are limitations on salesforce dashboard.
1. If youare using components from different object then you may or may not find the common filter. Dashboard filters are useful when you use components from same dashboard.
2. If you want to show details on the basis of logged in user, you can go with Dynamic dashbords.
3. If your dashboard components are only on Account the you can use owner country for providing Dashboard filter or create a formula field on account that shoud work for creation of dashboard filter.

Hopr it helps.
Ed SantosoEd Santoso
Thanks for the reply Neelesh. I have created the dashboard chart already, and I've used the table graph as the preferred graph to display.  As mentioned in my original post, using the table graph also has a limitation -- I cannot drill down by Filtered Source Report (clicking on a user on this table on the dashboard will open the full report, not a filtered report on the user). Changing to a bar graph solves this but when I'm dealing with 200+ users, the page can look very long. 

The second issue is having the ability to filter that user list by the 'Company Name' field on the user object.   The current filter limitations is 50 (if requested by salesforce) and I can confidently say there are more 'Company Name' options than 50.

I guess i was just hoping to see if anyone had come across any similar scenarios.