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Blair BurnetteBlair Burnette 

Help with role hierarchy/field access/opportunity tasks?


I work at a social services nonprofit that serves youth in state custody. Since we are a nonprofit, we handle both client/programming issues as well as Development. Development and programs share contacts/accounts and as such we have a lot of rules/settings in place to make sure database users only see what they need to see.

Recently, we bought licenses for Communities so youth in one of our programs can use Chatter with their case workers and see goals assigned to them. Because I want to take extra care that Community license users only see THEIR contact record, I updated the organization-wide sharing settings from public read/write to public read only. Since then, it has had a negative cascading effect.

The biggest issue is that when our Development Specialist, who is responsible for donation-related data entry, attempts to pull a thank you letter (template made with the Conga Composer app) for Individual donations, she can no longer see the address and salutation fields from the contact record if she is not the opportunity owner. I have tried updating sharing settings for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, so that anyone under the role of Chief Development Officer has read/write access to Opportunities. I did the same thing for Contacts and put that if the record type is "donor" then anyone in Development has read/write access. Since the role hierarchy didn't seem to make a difference, I tried creating a group and putting everyone in the Development department in it so that if a record is owned by someone in Development, anyone else in Development has read/write access. This also didn't work. The only thing that seems to work is if she is the Opportunity Owner.

We also have workflow rules and tasks associated with Opportunities. Depending on the amount, the task is assigned to different Development employees in order to spread out the workload. When the Development Specialist updated herself to be the Opportunity Owner for a recent donation, despite the task being very clearly set to be assigned to the Donor Relations Manager for that amount, it changed it to be assigned to her, the new Opportunity Owner. I am perplexed. That workflow rule is one we created. Why is the assigned to field changing?

I feel stuck. I am unsure if I should change our organization wide default back to public read/write for contacts and figure out another way to ensure Community confidentiality or if there is something I am missing. Please help!

Pruthvi Raj KankunthalaPruthvi Raj Kankunthala
@Blair: Can you tell me whether you have given "View ALL" and "Modify All" permissions for the object on the profile level?