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Matthew HoldgateMatthew Holdgate 

time exceeding notifcations on approvals


I will be building an approval process in an application soon and one of my requirements is that a notification is sent to an approver if it hasnt been approved/rejected in three working days? Is this possible and how would I do that? I asked this question and got asked to contact if I needed more help. I said yes and didnt get anythign back. Would it be possible to be show some screen grabs or abit more info on how to set this up please?

Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
No, Unfortunately, you can't do. You can promote and upvote this idea here Approvals steps should have a due date/reminders (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000Bpt5AAC)   It's already under Product Team review so hope it will deliver soon !!
Matthew HoldgateMatthew Holdgate
that's very disappoiting. Is there a work around like a VR, Process or Workflow that could do this?
Mohammad Asim AliMohammad Asim Ali
You could use a process builder.
  1. In the initial submission step of the approval process, do a field update. Keep this field update as the entry criteria for your Process Builder.
  2. In the process builder, call an invocable method in an apex class, where you can query the ProcessInstance object and get the ActorId, Actor.Email.
  3. Store this email in another field of the object for which approval process is written.
  4. In the next step of the process builder, schedule an email alert which will send a reminder to the user whose email was stored in the previous step.
Matthew HoldgateMatthew Holdgate
I have done this through using an apex class that runs daily that checks on the last modified date and having the approval process check boxes on each step. If the record hasnt been updated in 3 days and is in approvals then a field gets updated with the users email. This then triggers a process that send an email alert
Xingling ZhangXingling Zhang
Can you elaborate a bit on how to check whether the field has been updated? THe custom object has a field Approval Status, my approval process will involve 5 approver (linear), only when all 5 approvers approve the Approval Status will be updated. So i can use this field and the last modified date to trigger the email in the process builder?
Mohammad Asim AliMohammad Asim Ali
@xingling - You dont need the last modifed date. For the reminder emails, 1 field update on every approval step and then reset the value from the process builder to allow the PB to run for every approver and send the remonder for that approver.