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Jonathan WhiteJonathan White 

Change case owner on salesforce1

Hello I have some users whom want to be able to change the case owner on the salesforce 1 app is this possible if so how would you achieve this ?
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Changing Ownership of a Record In Salesforce1
Knowledge Article Number000187705
Learn how to change ownership of a record using Salesforce1
ResolutionYou can change ownership of records within Salesforce1. The link below goes over this capability from our release notes.

Salesforce1: Change a Record’s Owner

Notes for all users: When searching for a user, you cannot specify the user type, e.g. User or Partner User, when searching, because Salesforce1 does not support filtered look-ups.

Note for Admins: If the users have all the requirements outlined in the release notes above, ensure that the "Change Owner" Publisher Action is on the page layouts of the records.

***Please note***
You will need to have the standard Owner field on the Page Layout in order for the Change Owner action to work. Otherwise,  when you launch the action in Salesforce1 is will show a blank screen with only the Cancel button.