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Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson 

Notes appearing in classic but not in lighting

I've imported notes using the data loader (into the notes table) which now appear under account under the classic view but don't appear under lighting. What do I need to do in order to see them?
Vineet KumarVineet Kumar
Lightning Experience includes new Files and Notes related lists, as well as the classic Notes & Attachments related list. If you’re using Salesforce Files or the enhanced Notes feature, you’ll want to include all of these related lists on your object page layouts.
Files and attachments are two different types of objects, and always have been. Files uploaded via the Notes & Attachments related list are simply files in Lightning Experience, but are attachments in Salesforce Classic. For existing organizations, this means that the Notes & Attachments list can contain a mix of attachments that were uploaded in Salesforce Classic and files added in Lightning Experience. Files added in Lightning Experience have the functionality of Salesforce Files, while attachments are associated only with the particular record and can’t be shared further.
In the API, any existing integrations that retrieve attachments from the Notes & Attachments list don’t include any files uploaded to the list in Lightning Experience. A new API call is necessary to retrieve files as well as attachments.
Notes created with the old note-taking tool in Salesforce Classic are available from the Notes & Attachments related list only. Any notes created with the enhanced version of Notes appear in the Notes related list only.

Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson
Yes, I saw this in the help section too but it doesn't seem to help me at all. The notes don't appear in the lightning expoerience at all.
Vineet KumarVineet Kumar
If you already checked the above.
I hope you are not expecting related list type view, similar to that in classic. Because the related list in classic appear as related list button in LEX

Related Lists
Related lists are included as Lightning components in Lightning Experience. The first eight related lists show related list buttons, the first several records from the list, and a link to open the full list of records. For any additional related lists, only the list name appears in the card. Users can still work with these related lists—simply click the related list name to access the full list. Here, users can see records in the list and use related list buttons (such as New) or row-level record actions. Not all related lists are supported in Lightning Experience. For example, the Object History related list isn’t supported.
Constance HUAConstance HUA
Any fix for this issue ? It is very much needed that our users can add notes to records. It's the only way to leave proper comments.

Cameron BaillieCameron Baillie
After experiencing curious Notes & related-list behaviour in my Dev Org (Spring'17), I found the following known error that has apparently been "fixed" for Spring '17. 

Lightning: Notes related list intermittently fails to refresh after new Note is created and Note may not be immediately visible in user interface.

However, given what I've been seeing, I have my fingers crossed for further improvement in Summer '17 in the days ahead...
hareesh goudhareesh goud
enable Notes Settings  , then notes related list visible in page layout .. add in page layout . it will be visible in lightning.
Chris JChris J
I've just realised that my notes weren't appearing in Lightning as on my page layout, I was displaying the 'Notes and Attachments' related list, and not the 'Notes' related list.  The former was from Classic and the latter Lightning Only (as far as I understand).
Megan FriedfeldMegan Friedfeld
I am struggling with this now in my org.  Notes and attachments are not displaying in the related list in lightning experience.  This is the only question that I can find related to this topic.  I also tried adding the 'Notes' related list as was mentioned in January- but this did not solve the problem.  Anyone else have success with this?
venkat ramvenkat ram
@Megan Friedfeld

I am also struggling with same issue. Did you find any solution?
Megan FriedfeldMegan Friedfeld
@venkat ram  - I was not able to find a solution.  I think this is expected behavior.  See this idea:
Jon VanDeventerJon VanDeventer
I haven't had the opportunity to explore this too deeply because my client doesn't have the ability for an Admin to login as a User enabled, but they weren't seeing Notes on a custom object until the Account type with the M-D relationship also had Notes on its Lightning layout.  Again, I need to do some testing to make sure that this is 100% consistent behavior, but adding Notes to an Account layout made them visible on a custom object that was child to that Account type.
Nathan WeinrichNathan Weinrich
I too can not figure this out.  I see "Notes" listed in both standard and lightening views, however, after importing a note via Data Loader, it does not appear anywhere.  I know it is in there, because i can export it again.  I am not interesting in "ContentNotes" as i do not have these in files.  The idea of having to put them in file is rediculous.
Nathan WeinrichNathan Weinrich
So i added "Notes & Attachments" to my page layout and now i see my imported note.  So now i have 2 places for notes and 2 places for files?  What is going on here?