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Katerin RodriguezKaterin Rodriguez 

Changing auto-number display format

I have an autonumber field that I am using as an application ID field and it is currently set up to display 6 digits {000000}. We have not deployed our custom object yet, and I am debating lowering the number of display digits from 6 to 4 {0000}. Are there any things that I should watch out for before I do this, or ways this could possibly mess up what we have built? At the moment we only really use this field in workflow email alerts, but as a dynamic token so I cannot imagine the change would break it. 

Additionally by changing it to say 4 digits that means the max would be 9999 records that it could number correct? How do I deal with this as we approach the limit, could I later increase the digit display number and things remain the same or is it best practice to account for growth in the future by having extra 0's.

Adrienne CutcliffeAdrienne Cutcliffe
Hi Katerin,
Auto numbers will regenerate the moment you deploy to production, so when you deploy the auto number will simply start at the sequence in the way you've added it in, changing it should not affect anything. As for the max, once you reach 9999 it will just keep going, the {0000} for me has just worked as the amount of leading 0's to start with, there is no max number.