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Rafael MottaRafael Motta 

Translate of products CPQ

What's up, guys.

I would appreciate if you could answer me a question about CPQ.
I got a requirement in which they ask me to change the language of the products in the quote.

Example: if the quote template is generated in Spanish, the products are shown in the quote in Spanish and if the quote template is generated in English, show me the products in English. I can't think of any way to do this, unless I create the products in English and then upload them again in Spanish.

I would appreciate if you could give me guidance on this.

best regards
Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
What's up Rafael!

Salesforce CPQ allows you to leverage 'Localizations' - a CPQ-specific functionality to translate CPQ stuff. Here's a hub article for your consideration:

Translating Salesforce CPQ Records

In short, drag our "Translate" button onto the Product page layout and you can translate your products!